Melinda Gordon – (Played by Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer)

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Melinda Gordon nicknamed as Mel and Mely in Ghost Whisperer was the role played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was married to Sam James Lucas and gave birth to Aiden Lucas in the TV series- Ghost Whisperers. Mely possessed the abilities to see and hear Ghosts and owns and antique shop in the town. Born to Beth Gordon mother and late Paul Eastman biological father, she was portrayed as a 34 year old woman who always love to help ghosts attain a state of eternal rest.

Melinda Gordon moved to the town of Grandview after marrying Jim Clancy- a paramedic who was aware of Melinda’s supernatural abilities. Though Beth Gordon- Melinda’s mother also possess the abilities to speak and listen to ghosts but denied it and never question her daughter for the same abilities. Aside her Husband, Melinda also share her secrets with Professor Rick Payne who happens to be a knowledgeable personality in Occult practices. Professor Payne played a prominent role in helping Melinda gain more insight in her practices and also helped her discover more about herself. Eli James, Andrea Marino, and Delia Banks were also aware of Melinda’s supernatural qualities at one time or the other.

Melinda Gordon was a fourth generation medium her supernatural features could be traced to her Great-Great grandmother. She could effectively speak and reach out to spirits who seek her help. Melinda was able to help these spirits attain their desired peace by helping them talk to their loved ones or do things which such spirits could not do while they were alive. In doing such, Melinda was able to help such ghosts cross over from darkness to light.

At the beginning of the series, Melinda and Jim were seen moving to the town of Grandview where she opened an Antique shop known as – ” The same is it never was ANTIQUE”. She met Andrea Marino who later joined her in the management of the Antique shop. Melinda had became very intimate with Andrea and shared are secrets with her later on.

As a result of her special abilities, Melinda often received visions and revelations concerning the particular ghost or spirits she is helping at a particular moment. In the first season finale of the TV series for instance, Melinda was found receiving messages from a ghost on an air plane which hasn’t crashed yet, and in another episode, she was unconsciously transferred into a forest from her home town. In the second season, Melinda saw a vision of how people were starring at her just as her house was being covered with a large body of water. She also saw a large bridge in the sky in which cars were falling everywhere around her. These were some of the visions Melinda used in saving many earth-bound spirits in the TV series.

Towards the end of the fourth season, Melinda Gordon’s son was discovered to possess much more powers than his mother and such powers were revealed by the Book of Changes and the Watchers. Melinda Gordon had a very hectic and overwhelming role in season five as she tried to balance the role of motherhood and helping ghosts cross over to light especially as she discovered that her son was consistently in danger because of his enormous supernatural powers. The watchers revealed that Aiden- Melinda’s son was an Empath and as a result, Melinda was able to receive visions from Aiden.

Romano remained the main obstacle to Melinda Gordon’s success as he used his massive death count to strengthen the dark side against the Light.

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