Mel Gibson 2006

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Rebecca Winters-Keegan has written an article for TIME online, HOW MEL GIBSON CAN REDEEM HIMSELF, so I won’t attempt to repeat what is already written perfectly. I have only to say, of course, something like this happened. Why? Anything we do, we think about, we become.

If considered a handsome man or a beautiful woman, there are lessons and hardships fought over the expectations of others and acceptance of oneself. Following Mel’s Hollywood tenure, you will see the patterns of his lessons that taught him life was more than good looks. Hollywood, being another key factor- celebrity: to have expectations and assumptions thrown at your person daily, to see and survive the ugliness of big money business, temptation and the horrors of every human indulgence and remain true to one’s self is a lonesome, hard-fought battle. Again, lessons learned. Last week, most of the world, including Hollywood, praised Mel Gibson in the name of a big money-maker movie, for which he staked his reputation and money, and was credited for bringing God back to Hollywood producer’s minds and budgets. I’m sure more lessons learned. Today, millions of people are crucifying their former savior. Is he deserving of this? At the basic level of humanity, yes. However, we do not know what it is like to have fought his battle with his father, his beliefs and how surreal his surreal reality became since “Passion of the Christ”. Are these excuses? No. In fact, this is precisely what only he can answer within.

Alcohol can become a truth serum. Escaping from or hearing your true self is the power of any mind-altering drug. In your non-medicated state it is what you do with what you heard and felt inside while self-medicated that makes the difference.

To be a true actor, you have to study everything about a character, their environment, their before and after moments of their day and life.To become a great actor, you have to know, not just think you are that character. Like drinking, acting allows you to suspend your reality and sometimes be a person you wish you could be forever or never have to be again. Either way the actor learns a piece of the vast capabilities or impossibilities of humanity.

To be a true director, foresight is essential. A great director knows not everything, but sees, organizes and manages what no one else can quite yet grasp, see or believe. Like living, directing is not knowing what to do with what you know and see and failing to succeed which creates change in the minds and spirits of the crew, cast and audience.

Anger is allowed and expected. Jews and Gentiles, remember, God is love. I hope someone from the Jewish community will see the depths of fear and anger over whatever caused this conflict with Mel Gibson. I hope they can teach him their reality and direct him to associate what Mel Gibson knows is true inside with the truth that caused him to crucify and now endure his crucifixion. I hope Mel finds real truth and its perfect creation of redemption. In all ugliness there is something beautiful that grows slowly and changes the world for the better.

I think God forced Mel to face his denial, fear and anxiety-anger, if he didn’t he would not now lack the security of living a lie. To be a great human, you study your patterns, environment and choices and no matter how ugly or hated you become, you step back, take responsibility without excuse, but with universal truth. What is the most positive that you can learn from your sin and what is the most loving, positive change that you can make in your world? No matter how many people know you, love you or hate you.

write by Eulalia

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