MAMA MIA! – Here We Go Again!

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Meryl Streep – Donna Sheridan

Amanda Seyfried – Sophie Sheridan

Julie Walters – Rosie

Christine Baranski – Tanya

Pierce Brosnan – Sam Carmichael

Colin Firth – Harry Bright

Stellan Skasgard – Bill Anderson

Dominic Copper – Sky

Ashley Lilley – Ali

Rachel McDowall – Lisa


The movie started with Sophie is singing “I have a dream” while dropping 3 letters to 3 different persons in the different parts of the world. For Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan), Bill Anderson (Stellan Skasgard) and Harry Bright (Colin Firth). She believe that 1 of these 3 gentlemen is her father.

The 3 arrived in the island in reply to Sophie’s invitation but she did not informed her mother about her plans. But her mother discovers that 3 of her exes were there in the same island, in the inn she owned. Now Donna is in great trouble. She don not want her daughter to know about the 3. So the 2 is hiding the same secret with each other.

Bu the real twist happened during the bridal shower when Sky, Sophie’s boyfriend, joined the party with his male friends, also in party is Sophie’s three ‘fathers’, and the rest of the gang. It is the time when three of them admitted that they might be the father of Sophie. And the situation got even more complicated.

And wait until the wedding day itself. The movie is a blockbuster!


Positive: All I can say is EXCELLENT! I really love ABBA songs, and this movie is definitely made me happy. From the moment I saw a DVD copy in the video stand yesterday, I immediately bought it. And today is my day off, so it’s a perfect timing to watch this excellent movie. I loved almost all part of the movie, the singing, dancing. The cast is very good in their performances especially Brosnan and Streep, and here’s some of my favorite scenes in the movie:

1. Scene where the all boys group jumping and hopping with their flippers.

2. The Meryll Streep solo “the winner takes it all”.

3. Scene where all the girls in the island joined Streep and her friends in singing and dancing.

4. The bridal shower dance with the boys.

And I voted as my most favorite scene is the singing trio of Streep and her 2 friends performing like showgirls.

Negative: Not recommended to people who don not appreciate musical movie. LOL.


10 out of 10 stars – Excellent


I really loved this movie, no wonder it is a worldwide blockbuster. Very entertaining and makes me singing along with the actors. I almost cried laughing while watching this film. This is such a great movie. A MUST SEE BLOCKBUSTER FILM.


Phyllida Lloyd


Universal Pictures






1 Hr 48 Min


July 18, 2008

write by Azaria

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