Lost In Space Originally Named As Swiss Family Robinson

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Lost in Space is a science fiction TV series which is created by Irwin Allen and directed by Irwin Allen, Robert Douglas, Harry Harris, Leonard Horn, Nathan H. Juran, Sobey Martin, Irving J. Moore, Leo Penn, Don Richardson, Seymour Robbie, Sutton Roley, Alexander Singer, Paul Stanley, and Ezra Stone. It is aired on CBS Network from September 15, 1965 to March 6, 1968. It has only three seasons consisting of 83 episodes, the length of each episode is one hour. Out of three seasons first was filmed in black and white whereas the remaining two were in colored. Lost in Space Movie which is totally based on TV series was released in 1998.

The main characters of the series are Dr. John Robinson played by Guy Williams, Dr. Maureen Robinson played by June Lockhart, Mark Goddard in the role of Major Don West, Judy Robinson whose role was played by Marta Kristen, Penny Robinson played by Angela Cartwright, Billay Mumy in the role of Will Robinson, and Dr. Zachary Smith played by Jonathan.

Dr. John Robinson is a commander, a pilot, and an astrophysicist who also specialized in applied planetary geology. Dr. Maureen Robinson, whose status is doctor, only appears in the first episode; she is the wife of John biochemist. As Dr. Maureen Robinson is a doctor but looks in the series as preparing meal, tend to garden, and help with light construction as a house wife. Major Don West is the military pilot of the Jupiter 2, he is the space partner of Dr. Smith. His love story with Judy who is the oldest child about 19 years, was not developed throughout the first three series. Judy has a wish to make a career in musical theater but goes with her family instead. Penny Robinson is an innocent girl who is eleven years old and loves animals and classical music. Will Robinson is a nine years old child who is very genius in electronics. He is also the member of the family closest to the Robot. Dr. Zachary Smith is a doctor of intergalactic environmental psychology, he is expert is cybernetics but an enemy agent. In the first various episodes Dr. Smith looks in uniform with colonel’s men, and also called as “colonel” and “doctor”, but in later episodes military affiliation was not seen.

The original name of the Lost in Space TV series was “Space Family Robinson”. Actually Lost in Space is the space version of Swiss Family Robinson, and there was a comic, which also based on the Swiss Family Robinson. So there was the issue of copy right. Later both parties arranged a deal, and Allen changed the name of Space Family Robinson to Lost in Space and added two extra characters to the series.

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