Lost Boys of Sudan

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Twenty thousand boys in the desert

Fleeing from Sudan

Even a five year old

Is expected to be a man

They have no blankets to keep them warm

No mom to hold them tight

No dad around to keep them safe

Or teach them wrong from right

They walk all day and try to sleep at night

Underneath the starry sky

The same stars we wish upon

Only they wish not to die

Life for them is unbearable

Their bodies weak and frail

Yet the courage these boys have inside them

Never seems to fail

There are men with guns and snakes in the bushes

A lion is ready to feast

The enemy pours fire on them from the sky

But they bravely keep heading east

Hundreds of miles they walk

Death looming at every one

Hope is deep within their hearts

Amid the blistering sun

After months of war, despair, and hunger

They reach their destination

Though some have perished along the way

From disease and starvation

These boys have survived a nightmare

Safe they are at last

But their battle is far from over

They will forever be haunted by the past

Will they ever be able to trust again

Or will they be truly free

Will they ever have a smile on their face

Or know what their story has done to me

Will they believe that they are worthy of love

And believe in a god above

Will they know that God carried them through

With the power of his love

I pray for each and every one of you

Lost boys from Sudan

That your hearts be free, your spirits high

And proudly you will stand

The Lost Boys of Sudan is a story that will forever be burned in my memory. I think about them everyday. I can’t imagine how they survived the violence and evil that was bestowed upon them. 3,800 of those boys have come to America to live. They long just to be free and go to work and come home to their families. After I read about them I found out that 150 of them live in my town. That is almost 4% of the 3,800. They live in my town of 80,000. That is crazy to me. What drew them here? Is there someone here that knew the story and felt it in their heart to take care of these boys and mentor them? Was God putting them close to me? I hope one day I will meet some of these young men, and I can tell them that I am amazed by their courage and will to survive. I just pray that they know there are people in the world that care about them and pray for them daily.

write by Walter

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