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Everyone is excited about the upcoming new Twilight movie, Eclipse. The movie continues the stories of Bella, Edward, and Jacob as a new threat to their home arises. Edward is still struggling with the idea of turning Bella into a vampire and Jacob is not to happy about the prospect either especially when his existence as a werewolf is to destroy any vampires threaten human life and to turn Bella would violate an age old treaty between the Quileute werewolves and the Cullens’ coven. If this is not enough trouble the vampire Victoria is back for revenge. She blames Bella for the death of her mate even though he tried to kill her. Now she is raising an army of newly turned vampires to complete her dark purpose.

Fans everywhere are looking for great Twilight merchandise and even Twilight party supplies in anticipation of the movie. This can be trick especially when demand is so high. This means that the devoted Twilight fan will have to be a bit creative and know all the best places to start looking. If you are stumped about where to find some great Twilight swag for gifts or just to put together your own Twilight party here are some great tips that will be sure to help you out.

The internet is a great place to start. You can a wide variety of items that are both official and handmade. You may even find a some items that can’t be found anywhere. What the internet will do for you is widen your search given you the opportunity to find items that you may not have found in your local area. However it is not always as simply punching twilight gear into Google or any other search engine. You need to know how to focus your search.

One place to go are online party stores. This is great for Twilight party supplies. You will find not only party items but probably some interesting Twilight merchandise that you can get for yourself as well as fellow fans. Another surprising place are wedding sites as Twilight themed items are becoming popular for weddings and the surrounding events.

A great place to pick up information on great Twilight merchandise are fan sites. These are not just great places to find great gossip on your favorite Twilight movie stars. They can also guide to interesting sites selling unique items or alert you to contests that can help you snag one of a kind Twilight swag.

Auction site have long been a staple for any movie fan looking to score some great merchandise at below sticker prices.However, this is chancy especially if the item is pretty popular. It make inflate the price if its rare enough. If you are going to bid on an auctioned Twilight item then you need to remember auctioning basics. Make sure to try to get on a bid as late as possible so that you won’t be forced to raise your bids early. Also give yourself a lot room for bidding depending on the expected price of the item. An auctioned item will rarely exceed its sticker price.

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