Little Kid Star Wars Costumes – C3PO and R2D2

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Little kid Star Wars costumes are fun for the whole family. Make this the Halloween that you have the cutest little droid in the neighborhood!

R2D2 Costume for Kids

R2D2 has been a pivot character in all six Star Wars movies. The sidekick to Anakin Skywalker and the constant companion of C3PO, this beloved little droid is a favorite to young and old alike.

George Lucas, the mastermind behind the Star Wars films stated in an interview that it was his intention to make R2D2 a hero at least once in every movie.

The costume will transform your son or daughter into a hero, and a cute one at that! With the blue and white robot robe and a matching hat with the dials, your toddler or child will without a doubt be the cutest droid around.

C3PO Costume for Kids

C3PO, or 3PO (Threepio) for short is R2D2’s best friend and also appears right beside him in all 6 Star Wars movies.

The C3PO character is a protocol droid and he was created to serve the needs of humans. One of his more notable skills is the ability to speak over six million languages fluently.

Do you have a little one who would just love to play out his or her Star Wars scenes dressed as the lovable C3PO? Your child can be covered head to toe in an adorable gold jumpsuit. Your toddler or little one will be ready to serve the galaxy.

Star Wars never goes out of style so get your kids into the game early! R2D2 and C3PO costumes are fun to wear and fun to see your children in! If you have a couple of children, consider dressing them up together. After all, these two beloved characters just seem to go together.

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