Lisburn: The Gamblers’ Ring-Fort of Northern Ireland

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Situated on the banks of River Lagan, the city provides many opportunities to enjoy the vastly spread entertainment to the locals, as well as for the tourists. The city is basically a combination of historic and modern entertainment, where one can experience opportunity to explore historical sites and castles on the lush hills located in the countryside of the island nation and later turning up a modern world around you, as the sun goes down in a charismatic pub of your choice.

Most of the tourist who have visited the island nation have considered Lisburn as the first place to start the Ireland tour, by experiencing the city’s rich historic culture in some of the most happening heritage locations and pubs all round the clock, in between the astonishing Valley of Lagan. As the testimonials of more than 5000 years, the city houses Giant’s Ring alongside the modern exquisite like the birthplace of Harry Ferguson, the Irish inventor and Georgian architecture are enchanted.

The city of Lisburn is also considered as one of the economical centers of the nation, especially in the areas of Belfast and Dublin areas, due to overwhelming response received by the newly born town from tourists, who spend most of the time in this region by visiting the places like Brookhall historical farm’s museum, where one can enhance his or her knowledge about some of rarest breeds. Both the tourists and the locals of the city enjoy seasonal fishing in a lake located near the farm, along with a nature walk in the gardens and visit heritage centers located nearby. Additionally, Brookhall historical farm also manages to provide trout fishing on all the 365 days of the year and provides hall facility to conduct conferences, weddings and other ceremonials.

The main thing, that every visitor to the Island country shouldn’t miss to watch a movie in the legendary Omniplex. The Omniplex is one of the largest cinema chain, founded and owned by Kevin Anderson and Leo Ward, which is operated all over Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Watching a movie in this cinema is so special, since it’s located in the Lisburn Leisure Park, surrounded by amusements and a large number of restaurants to meet anyone and everyones’ requirements. Basically, visiting this particular place will eat up your whole day, by keeping you busy enjoying various activities, screening several cinemas on 14 screens available in the complex.

The city also houses around ten Golf Courses, out of which Lisburn Golf Club is one of the oldest, that was founded way back in 1905. The championship course on this field is considered to be one of the thoughest and testing for golfers of all levels and consist 18 holes. The club house also provides enriched ambiance of excellent cuisine with a heart touching welcome retreat.

write by Cruz Ortega

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