Lisbon – Brief Tourists’ Guide

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Traveling has been a favorite hobby and pastime of many people around the world since ages. There are so many travelers out there who have made contributions to the mainstream literature by contributing their stories of the travels and tourist activities – – they have written bulky books to guide other travelers and people interested in learning about different places. Some people have even made traveling a full fledged profession, they make money from it and they are living a happier life than many of those people who are working in the offices. This has mainly happened due to the presence of strong media. With some very popular traveling TV channels, many travelers have become known throughout the world. In this article, I have chosen to write on one popular traveling destination so that if anyone of you is planning a visit to this place, you should learn few things about it.

One of the best destinations that remain the center of attraction for many travelers and tourists include Lisbon – Portugal. Lisbon is a wonderful place with dual faces. One part of the city is completely modern and encompasses international chains of restaurants, food outlets, shops, cafes, markets and branded stores, theaters, cinemas, and parks, while the other part of the city reflects the historical architecture and old civilization with its ancient buildings, old houses and old streets. One finds himself completely lost in the two opposite sides of the life at this part of the planet.

Following are some of the world famous tourists’ spots in Lisbon that you should never miss to visit:

Museums and art galleries:
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
National Museum of Contemporary Art
National Coach Museum
Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Carmo Archaeological Museum

Shopping Malls:
Iberian Peninsula
Centro Commercial Colombo
Campo de Santa Clara

St. George’s Castle
Alfama and Mouraria
Tagus River, Belém
Torre de Belem

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