Life-Size Cardboard Standup Pranks

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Pranks. You Either love them, or you hate them. For those of you that love them, a great prop to use for various pranks are life-size cardboard standups. They’re great resources to use when looking for a good prank to pull on a friend. Here are two prank ideas that you can use with celebrity standups or custom cutouts.

The Edward Cullen Vampire Prank.

Things that scared you as a little kid will also scare you as an adult. For example, the dark. The uneasy feeling you get when the lights go out is the same as it was when you were a kid. For this prank, take the life-size cardboard standup of Edward Cullen and place it in a dark space preferably directly behind a door in someones house or office. Place it close enough to the door for it not to get hit when the door is opened. Another great location is behind a desk or curtain. Make sure you pull this prank at night to help the effect. Be sure to also place the cutout outside of their line of sight so that they don’t see it immediately once they walk in. The dark silhouette of Edward’s cardboard cutout will give them a scare as if an intruder was in their space.

Custom Standup/ Custom Cardboard Cutout Prank

Get a custom standup made of yourself. Ideally, you are a best friend, co-worker, family member or someone very important to the person the prank will be played on. The standup should be life-size and in identical clothes that you will be wearing the same day you see your friend. Arrange it so that there is somewhere the person has to go in a hurry – i.e – late for a movie, big game, etc. After the person gets in the car place the cutout behind it and place something small, like a big rock, they can run over under the tire. Let them run over the cutout that is dressed like you and feel the impact of running over something small (like a leg). They will truly freak out like anyone should. Don’t forget to scream! Have fun with it and be creative when using your cardboard cutout.

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