Lawn Services – 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Lawn Care Company

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Atlanta Georgia has the right climate for various types of lawns. Many Atlanta lawns have Bermuda grass, zoysia grass, or fescue grass. These different types of grass must be taken care of in different ways. Before hiring a lawn care service in Atlanta make sure you ask these three questions.

Question 1 – What type of lawn mower do you use? The reason this is important in Atlanta really is because of the different types of lawns people maintain in Georgia. If you have Tift Bermuda, which is very common in Atlanta, then you might want a lawn care company that has a reel mower. If you have a fescue lawn, then you might want to make sure they have a lawn mower that can adjust to three inches or higher. Fescue lawns should not be mowed below three inches and should not be cut with a reel mower.

Question 2 – Are you insured? It seems like everyone in Atlanta has a part time lawn care service business. What you don’t want is a person mowing your lawn who doesn’t have the proper insurance. If they get hurt, they could come after you for money.

Question 3 – What are your rates? Atlanta is a big city and like any big city there are sharks waiting to take advantage of you. Shop around for the best rate you can find. Remember that rate is not everything, so take into consideration the quality of the work. Check references and ask your neighbors.

So check to make sure they have the right equipment, right insurance, and the right price for the job.

write by Raj Singh

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