Killer Elite

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Killer Elite Supposedly based on a true story by Ranulph Fiennes “The Feather Men” shows events that happened over a period of time starting in the 70’s when a Tribal Sheik Amr bin Issa, sought revenge over the deaths of 3 of his children during the fighting in Oman.

He supposedly hired a group of hit men called the “clinic”, who according to Fiennes killed four former ex SAS soldiers before a group of SAS men known as the Feather Men who protect ex soldiers came to the rescue.

All the events in the story where refuted by the British government, SAS and the families of the dead soldiers named so it is up to the reader and viewer to decide if the events are true.

But for lovers of action films the Killer Elite has a line up that should hopefully give us an action packed film even if the facts are true or not.

Jason Statham plays Danny an ex special forces soldier turned mercenary who has turned his back on the business and is living in Australia on a ranch with love interest Anne played by “Yvonne Strahovski”.

He is pulled back into the business when he gets a message that his mentor Hunter played by “Robert De Niro” is captured by the Sheik, he is told to save Hunter he must track down and kill the soldiers responsible for the deaths of his son’s.

Danny recruits old partners including Davies played by “Dominic Purcell”(of Prison Break Fame) but unbeknown to Danny another group is on his tracks to stop him, Spike “Clive Owen” is the leader of the secret group the Feather Men, a retired SAS man who uses the group to protect SAS members and their families.

The trailer for Killer Elite looks promising, as with all Statham films we know there is going to be action and the scene with the chair is typical Statham and add Owen to the mix and we are apparently going to get some great fight scenes.

The rest of the cast of Killer Elite hopefully will make sure that the film will live up to the trailer and give us an action packed thriller, Purcell apparently puts in a great performance as Danny’s ex partner, and De Niro has brief appearances in the film being that he is held hostage.

The film is not only filmed in England but all over the world and who is the good guys and who are the bad guys is a matter of opinion as the film progresses. A better review of the film will be added once I have had the opportunity to watch the film.


Hunter: Robert De Niro

Danny: Jason Statham

Spike: Clive Owen

Davies: Dominic Purcell

Anne: Yvonne Strahovski


Gary McKendry

Based on the novel “The Feather Men by Ranulph Fiennes “

write by Meliora

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