It’s Halloween Party Time!

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Are you thinking about having a Halloween party this year? Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday in the US. Christmas is the first and second is October 31st. And why not, with all the costumes, decorations and spooky fun ideas you can use, it is easy to plan a spooky celebration for your kids or your friends. I love to drive around during the month of October to see all the fun decorating ideas people use. It is fun to come up with unique Halloween decorations year after year, and it is also fun to check out everyone else. I think the costumes get better each year too, don’t you?

Don’t worry about how to plan a Halloween party, it is easy. You can find free guide books to help you plan every detail. Right from choosing the theme and the party invites to what spooky food ideas are easy to make. You will also get to choose from several scary games, well, they are funny, scary games. Take all the stress out of your holiday party planning. Do you know what that means? It means you are going to have as much fun as your party guests!

How Do I Plan a Halloween Party

How easy is it to say, A B C? That’s how easy planning your Halloween celebration is going to be. You just need to figure out the basics of planning a party. So…how many people do you want to invite to your get together? Where will you have it and how many guests will fit there comfortably?

Now, for the theme of the party. Halloween is perfect for a costume party, a fortune telling party or a horror movie marathon. Or you can just ask everyone over for a game night.

Party Invitations

You can make or buy your party invites. To make your own fold a piece of black paper in half and cut it. Then fold each half. Put some Halloween stickers on them, glue in a piece of light orange paper with your party details on it and you’ve just made some party invites. Or buy some you like, perhaps they will match your party supplies and then fill in all the pertinent information. Send them out…make sure you put down an RSVP number. This way your guests can call and you will have a pretty firm guest count. That will help you to prepare the right amount of food. You can also use an online invitation site like Evite and send out e-invitations.

Decorating Ideas

Next, it’s time to plan your Halloween decorations. This is the really fun part of party planning. I go online and window shop at all of the party supply catalog sites. It is easy to pick the theme I like, the costume I want to wear and even get some fun and easy party decorating tips. I can also find lots of Halloween supplies on sale in the clearance sections of these sites. Pick out your favorite, it might be a pumpkin or a witch or a bloody scary looking design. You will find plates, cups, napkins and even some decorations to match. Pick out what you need.

Spooky, Fun Food Ideas

With your party supplies on the way it is time to plan a menu for your celebration. Will you decide upon movie food or are you going to set up a scary buffet table. You can find lots of gory and gross Halloween party food ideas. Ideas like Deviled Eggs that look like eyeballs or a cake that has a graveyard scene on it. There are even molds you can use to make jello that looks like a severed hand or a brain. Add some raisins to your ice cube trays and it will look like there are bugs in the drinks. Yep, gross, but funny on Halloween.

Wear Some Costumes

Are you planning a dress up costume party? Get some fun little prizes to hand out to your guests who come in disguise. Use categories like best costume, the most funny costume, a really big costume or the smallest costume. Plan on having music and call your party a Monster Mash. Play some Horror Movie Trivia and give out bloodied popcorn as a prize. That is popcorn with melted butter that has some red food coloring in it. Vampires are always a fun theme for a Halloween party. The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood are all fun party themes to use if you like the bloodsucker theme. You can also go goth and dress up in dark Victorian vampire costumes. What ever theme you decide to go with, you are going to love hosting a Halloween party. They are just frightfully fun for everyone.

write by Ambrose

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