It’s Complicated – Movie Brings Hope to the Lovelorn

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It’s Complicated is a delicious romp through love, redemption and new beginnings. The unique story and the stellar cast make It’s Complicated the movie to see. This romantic comedy delivers on all levels and will leave you wishing the movie will never end.

Nancy Meyers (Somethings Gotta Give) does double duty as writer and director of this superb comedic tale. Her script is provides just enough plot twists and her direction keeps the movie humming at a brisk pace. It’s Complicated reminds me of the great Preston Sturges comedies of the 1940’s like Sullivan’s Travels or The Lady Eve. Humor that is universal with quick paced action that unfolds on many different levels. It helps that she casted the movie with the talented Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

The story begins with Jane, Meryl Streep, (Julie & Julia) a successful business owner of a popular bakery featuring decadent delights. Jane is dealing with the empty nest syndrome as her middle daughter, Gabby,(Zoe Kazan) moves out of the house. Jane reminisces about the course her life has taken the loss of her children. The next day she meets Adam, Steve Martin, (The Pink Panther) who is designing the new kitchen addition to her home, small sparks fly. That afternoon Jane runs into Jake, Alec Baldwin,(30 Rock) at the medical clinic. Jake is her ex-husband who dumped her for a younger woman, Agness, Lake Bell. Jake is now visiting a fertility clinic to appease his wife’s desire for another child. Jake is embarrassed, a child, at his age.

The next day she flies to New York to attend her sons graduation. Jane’s children all seem to have something to do that night and Jane goes to the hotel bar. Jake is there and old passions are rekindled. The night progresses with dining, dancing and romance and lots of alcohol. Jane and Jake engage in passionate love making, blissful memories, and a re kindled romance. One problem, Jake is married to Agness, the Jezebel who stole her husband. She is now the other woman. The next morning bent over the toilet, she alternates between pure glee and embarrassment. But there is a part of her that loves the irony of stealing Jake’s passion from Agness, who broke up her marriage. Revenge can be sweet. The next day at brunch the flirting continues and is noticed by all.

Jane begins to be transformed, becoming energetic and passionate about her bakery and life. Adam reappears meeting her for approval on the changes to the kitchen addition. Small sparks again. Jake arrives just as Adam is leaving, which is weird. Jake wants a cup of coffee, which ends up leading to more sex punctuated by love in the bath tub, and a joint. Jane by now is starting to freak out with all the events transpiring. She meets with her psychiatrist to unravel the mess, Dr. Alan tells her to go for it. Jane calls Jake and they plan to meet at a hotel for afternoon delight and are unaware they are spotted by Harley, John Krasinski,(The Office) her daughter’s fiance and comedy ensues punctuated by Jake fainting and a doctor being called. That night Jane prepares Jake’s favorite meal, but Jake is trapped at home because she is ovulating. Under Agness’s watchful eye, Jake is unable to call Jane. Predictably, Jane is unhappy about him not showing and begins to have more regrets. Jane is conflicted by the whole affair and realizes her is well, Complicated.

Meanwhile, Jane has been dating Adam and their relationship is entering new territory. That evening Adam takes Jane to her son’s party and the way they smoke a joint. Beset with fits of giggles and laughter they are having a great time. Jealous, Adam cuts in and begins his own moves, Jane tells him the affair is over, unfortunately his advances are spied by Agness and the rest of the children.

The next day, Jake shows up at Jane’s house and tells her he has left Agness. The children are all in a bit of shock over the development but, enjoy their day with their dad. That night the is a hilarious scene where Jane is video chatting with Adam and she goes to the bathroom. Jake shows up and undresses to surprise her using the video screen to hide his ardor. Pandemonium ensues when Adam realizes what he is seeing and the whole farce is brought to light in front of the children. Jane tells the children that she is not getting back with Jake. Adam knows Jane still has feelings for Jake and breaks off their relationship until Jane really knows what she wants.

The ending of the movie is not predictable but, it is enchanting. We all have that chance in life to find love and redemption.

Meryl Streep is a chameleon and transforms the role into a moving performance, touched with anguish and joy. Alec Baldwin, gives us another fine performance, his best in years. Steve Martin surprises you and does not go over the top,and gives a subtle and nuanced performance. Kudos Steve! The supporting cast adds flavor to mix and include; Mary Kay Place, Rita Wilson, John Krasinski among others. John Krasinski exercises a different set of comedic muscles and shines in his role.

It’s Complicated is a joyous adventure of love, sex and redemption. The movie will leave you with a good feeling about life, and you will want to start your own adventure. It’s Complicated is definitely a must see movie. Enjoy the adventure.

write by adams

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