Is There Anything Good About Nigeria?

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There are many positive things about this country that we can share.

-Personally I love their culture. When they speak, by just saying hello you can already tell that he/she is from Nigeria. They love their culture and they do not compromise it when they are in a foreign land. You can even see it in their movies. Their movies shows their culture, they do not want to be like other people. Most of the best African writers are from there.

-Their sense of unity where ever they are. One brother from home would come into South Africa without nothing but his other brothers will make sure that they help him find himself. They support each other like Indians.

-Business -Most of them came here with only a passport,but today they own big business. This is not only happening in South Africa, but all over the world. They always make their mark everywhere they are. And most of these businesses are really genuine.

-Tourism-There are many beautiful places at Nigeria. Lagos is the heart of the country with many activities to do. You can visit a lot of places of interest. National Museum has a small crafts village with wood caving and other handicrafts for sale at fixed prices. If you are into music, Jazz Hole is a bookshop that also offer Nigerian music. You would not experience West Africa without visiting the market. Jankara market is the largest in Lagos and sells everything from tie-dyed cloth, trade beads jewellery to pottery and clothing. You can also buy herbs, traditional medicines and juju potions and powders. Their dishes are very tasty. There is Museum kitchen at Onikan where you can try traditional Nigerian Cuisine. Or if you love seafood Lobster Pot gives a lot of wide selection with house specialty.

-Nigeria have beautiful brothers and sisters. In the previous months in South Africa we had a xenophobia attacks, communities blamed our fellow African brothers and sisters for bad things happening in our land. Nigerians were blamed for selling drugs to young people in these communities. Some were blamed for defrauding people of their money. Just 2 months ago I took a trip to this beautiful West African country. I was astonished, all the stereotypes that I had about it were erased by warm welcome from my fellow brothers there. The weather is warmer than ours in South Africa but I really enjoyed my stay there.

I have mentioned just few of the beautiful and inspiring things about Nigeria. It will take time for this country to have a positive image but make yourself a favour if you hesitate to visit, please just go once and experience Africa in the raw.

write by Mirabel

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