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Well I’ve got to say that in my family Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is now at the top of our list as far as Superheroes go and as we prepare to celebrate Halloween this year, my son agrees, especially after seeing the movie, that the Iron Man Muscle Child Halloween Costume is the way to go for 2009.

I grew up reading comic books and like most boys, dreamed of saving the USA or world from whatever evil was threatening it at any given time. The great thing about this Superhero, especially now that we live in a world inundated with technological marvels, is that it is not too far fetched to making my boyhood dreams a reality. I mean, think about it! We probably have the technology to develop an Iron Man “prototype” as we speak and that is mind blowing!

For the two or three of you that never heard of Iron Man, let me elaborate because who knows…. your kid might have his heart set on wearing the very cool Iron Man Halloween Costume this October and you better be prepared to answer the tough questions. If nothing else than to impress your children!

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark is an industrialist playboy and genius engineer who while on a business trip is kidnapped and is forced to build a destructive weapon. The powered suit of armor he is forced to build is crude compared to what is to come later in the story however it is still able to save his life and escape captivity. After returning home he decides to use his multinational corporation, Stark Industries, to create a new and improved version of the suit laden with technological devices that enable him to fight crime and save the world from itself……Yea, Iron Man is born!

Tony Stark shrewdly uses his bodyguard and corporate mascot to act as a cover as he goes about fighting corporate threats and an array of bad guys like Black Widow, the Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man as well as the ever favorite, Mandarin. Like all superheroes, no one suspects Stark of being one as he goes about being the rich playboy and industrialist. Stark is aided by his personal chauffeur Harold “Happy” Hogan and secretary Virginia “Pepper” Potts, both of whom he shares the truth of his alternate persona.

This fictional character first appeared in the Marvel Comics books in March 1963 in the “Tales of Suspense” #39 issue. The now very popular superhero was created by writer-editor Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, and artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. Interesting enough, you can see Stan Lee making a cameo appearance in most of the movies featuring his creations including Spiderman and Iron Man.

Tony Stark’s creation has been a member of the superhero team the Avengers for most of the comic’s history and has been featured in several iterations of his own various comic book series. The character is now portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. in the live action film and features briefly in The Incredible Hulk. GREAT NEWS! Downey will reprise the role in the upcoming sequel, Iron Man 2 which will certainly make the Iron Man Halloween Costume another big seller for Halloween 2009.

The Iron Man story including the Iron Man Halloween Costume, seems to be perfectly suited to the 21st century because the technology that made it possible for Tony Stark’s creation of Iron Man now exists and is not as far fetched as it was when the comic book was first released.

Think about it, Tony Stark is an inventive genius whose expertise in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, and engineering enable him to develop a powered suit of armor that gives him superhuman strength as well as a very cool array of sophisticated weapons.

The weapons systems of the suit include:

  • repulsor rays that are fired from the palms of his gauntlets
  • a uni-beam projector in its chest 
  • an electromagnetic pulse generator and a defensive energy 
  • ultra-freon generator
  • sonic blast emitter 
  • and the ability to project 3-dimensional holograms (to create decoys) 
  • specialized suits designed for space travel, deep-sea diving and stealth 
  • and much, much more!

As I stated earlier. the interesting thing about Iron Man is that most of the technology that originally came from the imagination of Stan Lee is now a reality in the 21st century!

write by Ethelbert

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