How to Use Visualization When Applying the Law of Attraction

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“See the end from the beginning,” is the way that Denis Waitley put it. “Know your outcome,” is how Tony Robbins spoke of visualization.

Each of these men were stating how to succeed in an endeavor before the term “Law of Attraction” came into common use in our society. Each stated a key element in the law of attraction and that is to know your outcome. So how can you learn to see something that doesn’t exist? How can you know your outcome.

Here is the thing, some can see the exact outcome so clearly that it does not surprise them when it comes to pass, while others have a less clear vision. If your vision is of the first type then go with it. But if your vision is vague, or gray, or just not clear then you need to continue with it to flesh it out. Don’t lose heart but keep going with your visions and they will become clear. Your brain just needs to build up more neuro-links inside. This will happen as you practice visualization exercises.

As the neuro-links build up your vision will become more and more clear and one day you will see it as if it were real while you are in your vision state. As this happens ideas about getting to your final state will begin to come into consciousness. You must note these down and act on them at such time as they are clearly steps to take to build your business, enterprise, or whatever it is you are creating in your mind.

Visualization is the first step to putting the law of attraction into action in your life. It is foundational, it is an exciting part of making the law of attraction work.

write by Bridget

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