How to Use a Baby Swaddle Blanket in 5 Easy Steps

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To swaddle your baby you will get the best results from a square cotton sheet, a muslin wrap or a specially made swaddling wrap such as the miracle blanket or even a cloth nappy or diaper.

  • Spread the sheet out flat with one corner folded over.
  • Lay your baby face up on the sheet with the fold under his neck.
  • Wrap the right corner over his body and tuck it underneath him.
  • Fold the bottom corner up over his feet.
  • Wrap the left corner over his body and tuck it underneath him, leaving only his head and neck exposed.

While most parents will swaddle their babies with their hands tucked inside the wrap, keep in mind that some babies like to have an arm free especially if they like to suck or gnaw on their hand or fingers. Try both positions to see what your baby likes best. When you swaddle your baby the idea is to help him feel secure, not keep him warm. It’s best to use a light weight cotton baby swaddle wrap so you don’t risk overheating your baby. Always make sure that your baby’s face is not covered by any part of the swaddle wrap as this could make him overheat or worse, suffocate.

And remember if you wrap the swaddling blanket too tight you could cut off your baby’s circulation, you want him to feel comfortable and secure not squashed! Also, wrapping your baby too tightly could cause problems with his mobility development.

Many babies’ love being swaddled and often being wrapped in their swaddling blanket will trigger them to go to sleep. It’s believed that the secure feeling reminds babies of being snuggled in the womb where they felt safe and secure. Your baby will tell you when it’s time to stop swaddling. Some people only swaddle their baby for the first month while others continue until 4 months or longer. Your baby will usually let you know when it’s time to stop swaddling as he will try to kick off the wrap. (His way of letting you know he’s had enough).

write by Adrianne Bartrum

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