How to Buy Autographed Memorabilia For a Friend

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It is only a few days away from that special occasion, and the thoughts of buying a special gift comes into your mind. Year after year, you get to purchase the same old gifts – clothes, perfume, gift certificates, a treat out, but it’s the same old thing they acquire from others as well. If you are thinking of something memorable, an autographed memorabilia is one of the rarest gifts your loved ones will be thrilled to receive.

Why autographed memorabilia you may ask? Every individual has his or her own passions, whether it’s in the field of music, movies, or sports. Our obsessions, even from a very young age, can vary from an admiration of a famous celebrity, a skilled athlete, or a cool rock star. It can even be an unforgettable movie that brings special memories, or a collection of music that marks a particular generation. Giving autographed memorabilia such as sports memorabilia, music memorabilia or movies memorabilia reflects an individual’s passions, interests, and hobbies.

How do you go about knowing what autographed memorabilia to find as a gift?

If you have known the person whom you are going to give your autographed memorabilia, well then this is very helpful in deciding what memorabilia to buy.

If it’s for a friend, and you are unsure about what autograph memorabilia to buy, then you can ask his family members or be observant when you visit his room and see what collection or posters he has. This will give you a clue.

Search over the internet for autographed memorabilia items and compare prices. See what fits within your budget. There are autographed photo collages selling for less than a hundred and above.

Ensure that the autographed memorabilia has a certificate of authenticity. This is to guarantee that they are genuine and have real value. If it doesn’t, you can ask an expert or someone who appraises the value of a memorabilia. But if you bought it in a reputable memorabilia shop, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

To make it cheaper, you can buy the autographed photo collage and have it custom framed according to his or her favourite style and colour. You wouldn’t want to give an old looking dull frame to a young man who is into rock music now, would you? I would suggest chrome or retro-colour frames for that groovy touch.

Some ideas if you buy movie memorabilia, you can look for vintage movie posters which are autographed, or you can also look for props used in film sets. If you cannot find autographed movie memorabilia, a simple but rare movie poster which is nicely custom framed will be appreciated.

Music memorabilia can be in form of autographed music CDs, signed albums, signed photos and posters, vintage tickets, and if you can afford, an autographed guitar! Again, it all depends on your budget.

Sports memorabilia are a handful. These ranges from signed jerseys, signed football shirts, signed baseball, signed cap, and all other sports equipment you can ever think of.

Always bear in mind that the more popular the celebrity or athlete is, especially if that person is deceased, the higher the value of the memorabilia.

Moreover, if your friend doesn’t mind accepting mass produced memorabilia, meaning the signature is a replica of the original one, then you save a lot by purchasing this instead of the original. I know some friends of mine who are crazy enough to collect posters of their favourite celebrities and display it inside their house with pride and joy. Some of them even purchase a large furniture rack and display all their precious memorabilia such as signed baseball cap, autographed baseball, even signed jerseys and hockey sticks! For them, this is such a treasure and joy to behold.

So if you have special friends and loved ones who are as fanatic as mine, rest assured you won’t make a mistake in buying them an autographed memorabilia as a very special gift for the right occasion.

write by Alethea

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