How a Heated Mattress Pad Eases Aches and Pains

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When it comes to relaxing, nothing helps out quite like a heated mattress pad on your memory foam mattress. When you apply heat to aching muscles and lower back pain, it is a great source of relaxation. Americans today suffer with lower back pain more than ever. The purchase of a heated mattress pad to lay over your memory foam mattress is an easily accessible method for relieving that pain. Electric blankets have been used for many years, but the heated mattress pad will provide relief for your arthritis or other joint problems in a more effective way. Since heat always moves upwards, it is better to have it rise up from the lower part of the body and spread to the other areas rather than blow away in the air through the electric blanket. Your bed will retain heat much better when heated from the mattress up.

When purchasing a heated mattress pad for your memory foam mattress, you will find they come in various colors and sizes. A very popular one is the pillow-top heated mattress pad. Complete with its 200-thread count, cotton-filled, 100% polyester cluster fiber, and half-inch thickness, this pad is one of the most luxurious on the market today. It has a digital control, so all you have to do is set it at your most comfortable temperature and the system will pamper you from there. There is a sensor built-in that responds to the temperature of your room and your body, and adjusts itself to the right temperature.

Applying heat for 20 minutes is a good way to get complete relief from those sore and aching muscles. Normally, you will find that a therapeutic temperature is approximately 40 Celsius. Getting a new lease on life has never been easier, and it all starts with proper blood flow to reduce your stiffness. Learn more about the different causes and factors related to back pain as well. This will help you determine which type of heated mattress pad will work the best over your memory foam mattress.

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