How a Baby Blanket Can Become a "Lovey"

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A baby blanket is a gift you can expect to see at some point. They are used all day to keep the baby warm and cozy. Newborns love to be tightly wrapped up (swaddled). A baby blanket should be warm and soft against the baby’s’ skin.

If you are looking for a baby gift or a shower gift, and you are browsing around at stores or online, you will be amazed at all the selection of baby blankets! There are so many styles (plain, printed, light, heavy) and color choices. You don’t have to match the nursery, because these blankets are for the baby’s’ everyday use, and are not actually part of the Crib bedding. Fabrics used for the baby blankets differ according to the climate and what you are using it for. On a hot summer day, you’ll probably want to consider a nice, soft lightweight cotton blanket. For cool evenings, you may want to have a soft, thick fleece blanket. Chenille blankets are a great choice also. Machine washable is an absolute necessity! The blanket material has to be durable and easy to clean. You will be washing them for several years!

There are some babies that will get so attached to a blanket, that they will not fall asleep or go anywhere without it. That blanket becomes their “lovey”. You may not be the one who chooses which blanket is to be the special one! You can try different blankets but the baby usually picks out the one to be their favorite! It’s the same as a toy or a stuffed animal, why does a baby choose one over the other? If your baby chooses a blanket to become the “lovey”, nothing will tear that baby away from the comfort that special blanket gives. While the baby is sleeping, you have a chance to wash it! Over time, the blanket may get smaller & smaller. My niece kept her blanket “lovey” until there was just a piece of a corner & satin edge left! Above all else, don’t throw it away before your baby is ready to give it up. I’ve known some 12 year-old’s that still like their blanket or special stuffed animal!

Knitted or crocheted blankets are a wonderful keepsake and are often made by a close relative or friend. A personalized baby blanket with monogramming can also be an extra special gift. Many online stores (including ours) offer that service.

There are so many options today for baby blankets, that it may be hard to choose! You can never receive too many as a gift. You will be glad that you have several!

write by ROGER CHINN

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