House Cleaning is Boring – 10 Things More Enjoyable Than House Cleaning

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Most people have an overfilled plate of obligations and the last thing they want to do during their free time is house cleaning. If a person works full time and commutes to their job, they may be away from their house for ten to twelve hours a day. When that precious weekend arrives, who wants to devote one of the days to tidying up the home front? On the other hand, if you don not find a way to maintain your living space, it can be a stressful place to unwind in. If it is not kept up to a certain level of neatness, it will be hard to invite friends over or to just relax or to enjoy the peaceful comfort of nesting in. Here are 10 things that are way more fun than housecleaning:

1) Reading a good book: So many books – so little time.

2) Watch a movie: Whether a DVD on your comfy couch or the latest blockbuster at the theater with a box of popcorn, watching an engaging flick is a great way to spend an afternoon.

3) Dining out: Meeting a friend at the local bistro for breakfast, lunch or a cup of coffee and scone can be a luxurious way to cement the relationship and sample some new cuisine.

4) Dining in: Get out the cookbook and cook up some comfort food with friends and family. Nothing says loving like something from the oven.

5) Exercise: A well exercised body is a happy body. Take a hike on a new trail; attend a yoga class at the local YMCA; or go walk the dogs. Incorporating exercise into your leisure time will help you handle the inevitable stress that tries to weave itself into your life.

6) Massage: Tense, tight muscles can be alleviated with a massage. Whether one splurges on a full hour or opts for a fifteen minute chair massage, your body will thank you for the loosening and your housemates will thank you for being in a better mood. Significant others are fantastic sources for exquisite massages, too. Easier on the pocketbook, as well.

7) Telephone calls: Catching up with long lost family members and friends while curled up in a comfy chair is a dual purpose pleasure- keeping relationships intact and unwinding.

8) Writing: Writing a journal on a regular basis can be a great way to reflect on life and feelings. If done on a regular basis, it can be a mapping and documentation of time that goes so fast.

9) Computer correspondence: Keep in touch with your social network far and wide by regular emails and online chats. Quick and life enriching.

10) Get your hair cut: Keeping up with your grooming and appearance is necessary for self esteem and confidence. Take some time out for a wash and style.

There is much more to life than house cleaning. Hire someone to help or invest in a speed-cleaning how-to book in order to live a more enjoyable life in a tidy abode.

write by Viva

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