Hidden Spy Camera – How To Make Money With The Down View Smoke Detector

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Did you ever watch the Gene Hackman 1998 thriller “Enemy of the State”? Gene plays a disenfranchised ex NSA/CIA-er who gets roped into helping a young attorney played by Will Smith whose life is going down the tubes courtesy of Jon Voight who plays a corrupt bureaucrat.

Somewhere near the end of the movie a down view smoke detector hidden camera is discovered in an office of a politician. Maybe the only star role of the camera ever. Back on topic.

How the heck can a smoke detector hidden make you money you ask? I used to be in the restaurant biz in my other life and know the temptations employees have when it comes to money and food-both in good supply at a busy restaurant. This principle applies to any business that accepts cash-GOSH THAT’S EVERYONE.

Cashiers have an almost irresistible urge to steal. They are usually way underpaid (they think) are work to hard (they think). They are usually the brunt of complaints from customers and somehow get the feeling that the biz owner owes them. So they take it upon themselves to dip into the till occasionally or more often.

If as a business owner or store manager you think all your employees are honest you need a reality check-it just ain’t so. What can you do to keep them more honest and make more money or better keep the money that is yours?

Easy! Install a down view smoke detector hidden camera right over the cashier/checkout stand in your biz. It will keep you up to speed when you are not there. With some software you can watch from anywhere in the world. How cool is that? This way you will keep the money that is rightfully yours.

Where do you find hidden cameras like this? Let your fingers do the work on a keyboard and Google ‘HIDDEN SPY CAMERA’. There you’ll find lots of listings but only one “HIDDEN SPY CAMERA” usually on the first or second page.

They have the biggest assortment of hidden spy cameras on the web for you to choose from. Color, black and white, wired, wireless, night vision capable-there are lots of choices. They all work and all will make you money in your business.

write by allen

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