Hellraiser Contacts – Pinhead Contact Lenses

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see through Pinhead’s eyes and witness the same cruel-evil world that he does with his pinhead contact lenses? Considered the darkest and most malevolent eyes of all the cenobites, some even deem Pinhead to have the darkest stare of all the horror films.

Pinhead Contacts make for a perfect add on for a pinhead look. In addition to the Hellraiser look, you will find that these lenses also go with the following costumes:

– Metaphysical or Fictional Type Creatures

– Devil -or- Demonic Force

– Grim Reaper

– Elf -or- Goblin

You can be be the ultimate rocker at any rock concert, the scariest at the next costume party, or the sickest freak at any Goth club by slipping in the the Hellraiser Contact Lenses. You can also scare the hell out of your buddy’s or family -or- have some fun with your companion with the Hellraiser Contacts.

You will immediately be an authority while wearing them. Pinhead Contacts that are very realistic, comfortable to wear and are considered the maximum quality in the FX contacts industry. They are safe to use and are FDA Regulated. Available for non-prescription use only.

Pinhead Story

As leader of the cenobites, Pinhead is everyone’s favorite movie monster. Sternly out to collect souls, he has been summoned from an alternative dimension by a supernatural and mechanised small box, referred to as the Lament-Configuration.

Pinhead has frightened a lot households from all 8 of his movies. The original movie was a smash hit directed by Clive Barker, which was released in 1987.

Pinheads wicked acts is considered by monster connoisseurs on the same level as Freddy krueger, Jason Voorhees and Micheal Myers. His monstrous guise features a pale and colorless face complexion, long pins driven into his skull and face, low demonic type voice, and eyes that feature an over-sized black pupil with a blood red thin iris.

write by gene schuler

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