Halloween, 31 October – Witches, Bats, Skeletons – Party Time, Fun Time, Scary Time

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Halloween fun time, haunted house time, scary people time, mystery night time, costume dressing up time, Halloween party time, trick and treat time, horror film watching time, jack o’ lantern time, cutting faces in pumpkin time. Perhaps you can relate to one, some or even all of these events. On the other hand, you may prefer to ignore Halloween altogether. Whatever your own personal thoughts are regarding Halloween, it has become an entrenched part of our American culture.

The word Halloween is of Christian origin being an abbreviation of the term Eve of All Hallows or Hallows’ Eve (evening). It is generally accepted by historians that the original celebrations which took place annually at the end of October and beginning of November were Pagan rituals carried out in many places across Western Europe. Evidence of this has been discovered in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France and other places in mainland Europe.

The end of the harvest season was always a time for celebrations and preparations were made at that time for the long dark winter months ahead. Superstitions were very strong and it was generally believed that on that day every year, the souls of the departed came back to earth as spirits to haunt people. This was the reason why everyone used to disguise themselves so that they could never be recognised by the spirits.

Many of the Halloween traditions we take for granted today, can be traced back to these early times.

Every year, people spend a great deal of time preparing for Halloween which now takes place on the last day of October. It has always been a time for the children to have fun dressing up in scary Halloween costumes and masks before calling on neighbors, family and friends with their trick-or-treat routines.

It has gradually become one of the big events of the year. Many people put up Halloween decorations and special lights for their houses and gardens in addition to having a Halloween party. The decorations generally include things like witches on their broomsticks, skeletons, bats, haunted houses, ghosts, wailing noises and anything else which could give someone a fright. Competitions are held in many places where people can vote on the best haunted house or the house with the scariest theme.

Horror films have also become part of the tradition with the Rocky Horror Show being the “must go to” movie each year. Many of the movie goers dress up as their favorite Rocky Horror star in order to add to the atmosphere of the night.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without all the parties that take place. It is a time for losing inhibitions and having a great time. Not only do the children have their school parties and home parties, but adults are increasingly getting in on the fun.

While children like to dress up in the scariest costumes and masks they can get, their parents generally prefer to have more of a fancy dress attitude for themselves. Consequently, many of the adult parties have little in common with the traditional Halloween concept.

When all is said and done, most people now consider Halloween as a time to have fun and everyone who gets into the spirit of Halloween considers the time and effort preparing for it, to be well worth while.

Halloween has become such a large event in America that there are now many shops that only supply items for Halloween. Many larger shops have set up whole departments just to cater for decorations, games, and special lighting effects In addition, whole areas have been set aside to provide masks and costumes for all the family not forgetting the family pet!

The internet allows many people, who are short of time, the opportunity to do their shopping online and still join in the fun. It is a great way to see everything that is available and make their choices in the comfort of their own home.

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