Great Movies About Chefs

There have been great movies in the past about food and chefs. We have loved them all and enjoyed them, some less some more. Now on the silver screen is a new movie called, ‘Julie & Julia’. The message the movie conveys is that everyone and anyone can become a chef, the only thing you need is the love for food.

When we look at the various movies about chefs we can never forget some of the very few that marked an impression on our minds. One of those is ‘Ratatouille’ where a chef who is a rat named ‘Remy’ overlooks his rat heritage.

To understand what people felt about great movies about chefs, a random poll was conducted. Some of the chef movies that took a front position as one of the best liked chef movies includes ‘No Reservations’, with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the no nonsense chef Kate Armstrong. Then there was Adam Sandler’s ‘Spanglish’ where he played the part of John Clansky. In the movie ‘Babette’s Feast’, Stephane Audran played the role of Babette. One other movie, a romantic comedy called ‘Women on Top’, presented Penelope Cruz as Isabella Oliveira, who was struggling with motion sickness and turns to cooking.

Movies area a great way to play with human emotions and senses, and the greatness or so to say the success of the movie depends on how deeply you touch those emotions and senses. Mostly the senses that play part are hearing and sight but, movies like ‘Julie & Julia’ take an extra leap and inspire us to create, imagine and even savor the rich flavors of the food we happen to see.

With the world booming with food lovers, people automatically compare them to the great chefs in real-life like Emeril Lagasse, Gordon Ramsey, Paula Deen, Bobby Flay and of course the famous chef of all time, Julia Child. With a number of television cooking shows that air today, the idea of cooking as a passionate art form has now taken hold in the minds of people.

These great chef movies no doubt inspire us to look at cooking as not just something which one does in order to have food, but as something more alive and full of life. These movies present to us an aspect of cooking which has long since been ignored – the passion, the zest for life and the ultimate pandering to one’s senses of touch, smell and taste – all of which come together when one cooks even a simple dish.

Altogether, cooking has thus become transformed into a form of self expression, which was previously very ignored. These great chef movies are also a great source of inspiration for many among us who aspire to work professionally as chefs and cooks.

No matter how much one lives to eat, unless one combines it with the passion for life that food embodies, one cannot completely understand the magic that cooking is all about.

Bon Appetit!

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