GPS Tracking for Your Kids – Affordable Peace of Mind Anytime, Anywhere

Countless action and law enforcement movie scenes show bleeping targets displayed on a street grid maps, revealing the every turn of a target – a fantasy until recently, but now it’s here for real.

Now just imagine losing sight of your child in a busy mall or shopping centre (or even in the woods), and being able to take out your smart-phone, dial up Google maps, zoom in, and have their exact location shown on the map? Situation resolved, you know where they are and you can go straight to them.

Unfortunately, many scenarios begin this way, but don’t end anywhere near as easily. Anybody who has ever lost a child on a busy street or shopping will can empathise with fear felt by parents in a turnaround, turn back again, and can’t see the child anywhere. Of course most children are immediately recovered having strayed only to a nearby shop or around the corner, but some are not. Every year, thousands of genuinely concerning missing persons reports filed, we often very young children are lost-sometimes only flowers sometimes for days and sometimes longer. The circumstances are not always suspicious, and we should not lose sight of the fact that many children are cared for, and returned by caring citizens.

But no matter what the circumstances, losing a child is a terrifying experience for a parent.

Here is why GPS tracking is becoming so popular:

  1. GPS tracking is relatively inexpensive and discrete. Physically, most  systems consists of a small electronic tag approximately the size of a wristwatch, which is commonly attached to a child’s wrist or to an article of clothing. Most systems cost about $200, and monthly fees range between $10 and $50 for different services. You can also rent the systems if you can’t decide whether or not to buy.
  2. GPS tracking works anywhere. As you will have found if you use a satellite navigation device in your car, the network covers virtually everything. Many high end GPS trackers are able to function in doors was outdoors, making them ideal even in densely populated urban environments.
  3. Many tracking services allow you to set certain parameters which will trigger an alarm over an Internet connection or a smart phone, example, if a certain speed limit is reached. This could indicate that your child is travelling faster than a walking pace (that is they have entered a vehicle and are being driven) or perhaps in the case of a teenager, that they are exceeding 60 mph in your car!
  4. You can receive information about the location of your child at regular intervals via SMS or e-mail, or you can choose to track their location in real time over a map interface.

As you can see, there are some excellent reasons to invest in the technology. Sure, it might sound extreme, but what if it could save you from a stressful situation like the one which we discussed above? Most people in such a situation would pay any price, or do anything, just to know their child is safe and well.

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