Gossip Girl Episode 3 Recap – The Dark Night

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The last episode had me expecting entirely different outcomes this time around, but I guess I should know better because nothing on Gossip Girl ever turns out the way you think it will.

The show starts out with everyone expressing frustration over their relationships, or lack of. Nate and Vanessa talk about getting together over the phone, Catherine hears parts of the conversation and becomes suspicious. In the meantime, Blair becomes frustrated with Marcus when he insists on taking things slow.

Gossip Girl catches a shot of Serena and Dan making out in public and does them the favor of letting the rest of Manhattan know they are back together. The pair then has the work of answering everyones questions about their renewed relationship, but Blair tells Serena that she doubts that they will be together for long.

When Nate and Vanessa finally get the chance to meet up, Catherine follows the pair and then calls Blair to find out who Nates new interest is. Blair lets Catherine in on Vanessa’s identity and history, and then hatches a plan with Catherine. Blair takes a trip to Brooklyn to pop in on Vanessa and Nate, inviting them to her party where the couple is bound to run into Catherine.

Wanting to get out from under Catherine’s thumb, Nate approaches Chuck to borrow the money that Chuck offered his mother. Nate then finds out that Chuck no longer has the money and goes back to Catherine. A Japanese stewardess shows up at Chucks place, and Chuck later tells Serena that he is having a hard time with the women.

Jenny hits heads first with her boss, and then designer Waldorf after she shares her opinion on a dress that she is styling for a model. Before she can leave, the power goes out in New York and Jenny is stuck in the studio with Waldorf.

At Blair’s party Nate is in attendance with Catherine when Vanessa shows up on her own after Nate told her he can no longer make it. Chuck hits on Blair, but she turns him down before going to find Marcus. Once the power goes out Nate takes the opportunity to tell Vanessa that Catherine is basically blackmailing him into the relationship.

Nate vows to end the relationship, but while the power is out Catherine finds Vanessa and threatens to expose the whereabouts of Nate’s dad if Vanessa does not end their relationship. Vanessa tells Nate the relationship is over and leaves.

Back at her place, Serena and Dan get stuck in the elevator during the blackout and attempt to resolve the relationship issues that they have been ignoring. Before the power comes back on, Serena and Dan decide that their relationship is over because neither can get over the past.

The most shocking event was saved for last when Chuck and Blair end up making out in her room while the lights are out. Marcus walks in on the two of them, but Blair tries to lie her way out of it. In front of the entire party Blair and Marcus fight, and it ends with Blair telling Marcus she does not feel desired by him because he does not act like he wants her.

Marcus and Blair end up making out on the stairs in front of everyone, but especially Chuck who obviously has a flame for her still.

write by Damian

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