Gnomeo and Juliet Movie Review: Fun for the Whole Family

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My kids have been looking forward to Gnomeo and Juliet since they saw the first trailer several months ago. By the time February 11, 2011 came around, I was afraid we would have seen all the good parts of the movie already in all the trailers. To my enormous delight, that was not the case. Gnomeo and Juliet turned out to be very funny, with lines and references to culture that only an adult could possibly understand; but at the same time, my kids thought were hilarious without an inkling to the reference. The little yard knick knack characters are so fun and loveable and hilarious. Several times I found myself in awe of the graphics. The detail on the gnomes was so real, you could see the brush strokes of paint and little nicks and dings like they had been in the garden a while. I also loved the sound effects. When Gnomeo kisses his mother on the cheek, it isn’t a smooch sound, it is a clink sound.

I wondered how they would turn a Shakespearean tragedy into a love story between gnomes and have it be entertaining for children. It turned out to be very captivating for my kids. At the end, after learning the way the real Romeo and Juliet end up, my kids were full of suspense as to whether the love-gnomes were going to pull through without cracking (if you know what I mean!). But it wasn’t suspenseful enough to upset them. The story line the writers created was clever and fun and even included a cameo by Shakespeare himself.

On a personal note, I rate my movies as to how quote worthy they are. I ask myself if a movie is going to provide good quoting material I can incorporate into my own, everyday hum drum life. Even if I am the only who gets the quotes, I really like to have them at my disposal. I can tell you with full certainty, this movie is full of hilarious quotes I will be using to express myself for months and years to come! For example right now I am on the “Worldy Widey Web”! Is that cute gnome talk or what!

In conclusion, my recommendation is to gather up your little gnomelings and go see this movie; be prepared to laugh out loud continually and have your children talking all the way home about how much fun it was!

write by Rodela Arturo

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