Getting to Know Darrin Henson

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It doesn’t take very much too accurately describe Darrin DeWitt Henson. Darrin can be summed-up in three words, “Down to Earth”.

After interviewing Darrin Henson for a brief ten minutes, I immediately came to the undeniable conclusion that growing up with his four brothers in the Bronx, New York had a lot to do with his broad level of knowledge, intelligence and skills in producing, acting, directing and even choreographing dance moves. His father was said to be a professional horse trainer while his mother was a stay-at-home mom homemaker. His first love was dancing and this became evident when Darrin was five. His brothers would frequently find him practicing dance moves in the backyard as well as in the mirror in between TV Shows. Darrin actually landed his first role as a dancer at the early age of ten years old when dancing at a birthday party to the music of James Brown. It was at this birthday party where an old man saw Darrin popping in the middle of the dance floor and Darrin was giving $5; at that moment Darrin knew what he wanted to do.

It’s said that the Bronx was the birth place of break dancing and Darrin took advantage of it first by joining a New York dance group on a semiprofessional level; however, after graduating from High School Darrin parted ways with this group in order to join another group with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Soon the face of Darrin Henson would be featured in the “Whatta Man” video by the then popular group Salt-N-Pepa which eventually opened door for him to brushing shoulders with the leading video personnel for Michael Jackson’s videos, whom he studied as a kid. As much as Darrin loved dancing he grew restless working with choreographers and decided to become one himself.

The career of Darrin Henson as a choreographer was launched in 1990 with a number of stars; most notably, LL Cool J, Usher, The Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilar and the legendary Prince. This ironically became the year Darrin Henson opened the doors to his own dance company, Dance and Entertainment Workshop, and through these doors many of the aforementioned artists came marching through. Working with such mega-stars while becoming one his self, built a pretty impressive portfolio and plethora of awards; including the highly prestigious 2000 MTV Music Award for Best Choreography for N’SYNCs “Bye, Bye, Bye”. The dancing skills of Darrin Henson earned him the lead actor role in the hit movie Stomp the Yard in 2007 where it was the number one movie in the country for two consecutive weeks. It’s fair to say that Darrin Henson hasn’t stopped “stepping” since.

In 2007, Darrin Henson also filmed The Express, where he starred as the renowned Jim Brown which also made a big smash on the Big Screen; not to mention, A Good Man Is Hard to Find and April Fools was also filmed in 2007.

After speaking briefly with Darrin Henson, it became apparent to me that Darrin was still working diligently to solidify his role as one the strongest entertainers, directors, choreographers, producers and connoisseur in the business with his upcoming projects, Blood Done Signed My Name and Tekken. Blood Done Signed My Name is based upon a true story which took place in Oxford, N. Carolina, in which Darrin Henson plays the role of Eddie McCoy, when the life of an African American vet is allegedly taken by neighborhood white business owner who becomes exonerated. The role of a local high school teacher is the main focus after civil strife is followed by his acquittal. On the other hand, Tekken is a soon to be released martial arts film based upon the game Tekken 6 where Darrin Henson plays Raven, an international intelligence agent who’s considered to be equipped with highly trained skilled. Darrin’s really looking forward to this film; and rightfully so, he’s kicking…

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