Getting Googled – The Internship Movie Review

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Have you ever wondered what goes in at the Google HQ? Have you ever wondered how anyone with no basic concept of computers could get along in the modern world driven by the internet? Well The Internship looks into this.

Before seeing this movie I was extremely unsure about how enjoyable it could be. I had heard positive and negative reviews, and I have mixed feelings on the stars. I enjoy most Owen Wilson movies, and like his style of comedy. On the other hand, Vince Vaughn has been a bit of a mix bag for me, although I do think he is a pretty funny guy, I think he plays pretty much the same character in all his movies. But the last time these two paired up, for the Wedding Crashers it was OK, so I thought I would try this.

So the basic concept of the story is Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) are salesmen who love their jobs, and are real good at what they do. Unfortunately, life throws them a swerve ball and leaves them unemployed. After Nick has a brief job at a bed show room (with a great cameo from Will Ferrell) Billy gets them an internship at Google, even though they have no idea about computers. These two fish out of water try their best to blend with all the other ‘Nooglers’ but struggle to fit in. All the Nooglers are split into teams, and the pair are placed into a team with all the other rejects, who failed to get into any other team. The team face a number of challenges with the winning team earning a place on the Google Internship program.

The movie jogs along at a steady pace with some laugh-out-loud moments, and I found myself rooting for Vaughn and Wilson. The story does include a love sub-plot between Owen Wilson and one of the Google employees, which is OK, but it is all about them trying to get into Google. Some scenes which stood out for me were the pair going looking for Professor Xavier, and also a Quiddich tournament, both were very funny to watch, and don’t forget the visit to the strip club, which was extremely entertaining as all of the team began to bond.

Owen Wilson was strong in his role, and truly looked like a technophobe, whether he is in real life, I am not sure, but he played the part well. One thing about Owen Wilson was that he seems to have aged quite a bit and looking a lot older than the last time I saw him on screen. Whether this was intentional for the role, or if he really is beginning to look old, I am not to sure.

Vince Vaughn also played a strong role. As I mentioned earlier I am not a Vaughn fan, but he won me over in this. I was rooting him through the role and there were times when I was concerned for his character. He seems like your average everyday man, which plays well for this role, and again came across as a technophobe extremely well.

A big shout out had to go to all of the other team members that they were paired with at Google. the all had their own unique characters that were explored to some degree, which made us care for them a little more. The geekiness played out well on film, and the references were something that I could understand and appreciate, although I am not to sure how many others in the cinema could relate to it?

One of the main drawbacks in this film was the amount of Google-ness there was. I know that this movie was about Google so it should be expected, but the Google colours were everywhere, and was slightly annoying by the end of the movie.

So this movie is not going to win any awards, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and it is by no means a masterpiece of any kind. What this movie does though, it does well, it is a light-hearted comedy that explores how old dogs can learn new tricks.

write by Clement

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