Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Next Trick-Or-Treat Party

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Are you a fun-loving person? If so, I believe you must be looking for some funny Halloween costume ideas and you have definitely come to the right place! Listed below are some funny costume ideas that you can use for this coming 2010 Halloween. Grab any idea that interest you, add in some creativity and you are on your way to a fun, enjoyable and unforgettable party!

1. Double Occupancy Adult Costume
This “double occupancy adult costume” is a new 2010 costume. From the picture, you might get the wrong impression that you will need to find a partner to dress up in this costume. Take a closer look and you will discover that it is actually a one-piece bed tunic that also includes an attached prop limbs, wigs and blanket so that it looks as though you are carrying out your bedroom activities in public!

This costume is available in a one-size-fits-most-adults size, thus you should have no problem fitting into one. You can be sure that you will bring the house down with laughter when you appear at the Halloween party in this outrageous bed activity outfit! However, do decide quickly if you are considering buying this set of costume because being a new outfit of 2010, the stock might not last long!

2. Clown (female) Adult Costume
For the ladies, are you game enough to be a clown this Halloween? This is a sultry satin polka-dotted clown dress for the sexy ladies. Be ready to entertain and captivate everyone, especially the men, at the party in this cute and yet sexy clown costume.

Your purchase of this set of clown adult costume for female will come with a standard adult sized dress that has puffy sleeves, bowtie, sexy stripped stockings that go thigh high, bloomers as well as a mini-top hat to complete the basic picture of a clown. If you do not have large clown shoes or a colorful umbrella to match the costume, you can always place your order together.

In fact, if you are going to the party with a partner, you might even want to consider dressing up in a couples’ clown costumes! The male’s clown outfit comes with a shirt, pants, suspenders and hat. Both of you will be the star of the night entertaining everybody in your clown’s costumes!

3. Hot Dog Deluxe Adult Costume
This is another set of funny costumes that you can put on at your Halloween party. There are such funny costumes available in kids’ versions as well as in pickle version and mustard version. You can pick your choice or appear in a theme for the family.

You purchase of the hot dog deluxe adult costume comes with a large hot dog costume that you can put on over any t-shirts or pants that you already own. This is a very fun and yet economical costume idea that you might want to consider.

The above are just 3 funny Halloween costume ideas that you can think about and put on at your Halloween party. There are many more ideas and all you have to do is to do a search for even more ideas or you can add some creativity for your own ideas. What is most important is to have lots of fun on that day!

write by Raj Singh

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