From The Atomic Powered Singer to King of Rock and Roll!

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Words can’t properly describe the mythos surrounding Elvis Presley. Elvis was a man who embodied all the possibilities of Las Vegas. While often times the way he is portrayed in the mainstream is via impersonators and drive through wedding chapels, there is more to understand about why Vegas is so obsessed with Elvis Presley. Maybe it was the way Las Vegas was his debut to fame, but how many know that during his first two week run critics hailed him a bore and even nonsensical? Yes, in 1956 Elvis was considered by those (who claim to know their music) to be a flop. Where the myth gets interesting is how he would not return to a stage in town for thirteen years. While on his extended stay away from Vegas, Elvis managed to take his image of a teen heartthrob into new territory with his movie “Viva Las Vegas”, while also proving to the critics he was more than meets the eye.

But in 1969 his career would take its most successful turn with the opening of the International Hotel in Las Vegas. Barbara Streisand may have opened the International Showroom in 1969, but Elvis performed his first show at the showroom to an ironically international, sold out crowd making the legendary stage famous. This would begin a mind boggling streak of sold out performances unprecedented still to this day. Presley performed 837 consecutive sold out performances, to over 2.5 million people. It’s safe to say those numbers had never been imagined in those days, they now estimate he all together brought in 43 million dollars in ticket sales throughout his streak. A performing powerhouse, Elvis could be found recording back and forth between Memphis, Dallas and Vegas. In 1970, less than a year after Elvis’ debut at the International Showroom, his manager put in his resignation at RCA records to work for Elvis exclusively. This marked the beginning of the kings’ reign as rumors began to circulate about a possible concert tour, which would be his first since the 50’s.

In 1972 he embarked on his first tour in a decade to the jubilation of millions. Thanks to his Las Vegas gigs and a nation-wide tour where he continued to break records in every city, Elvis had become the biggest superstar America had ever known. David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Sammie Davis Jr., John Lennon and Art Garfunkel are a few of the big names reported to be seen at Elvis shows during his early to mid 70’s explosion. But as Elvis was at the height of his fame, it would be suddenly cut short, and it would remain that December 1976 would be his last performance in Las Vegas. Since then an army of impersonators have descended on the city making it or leaving broke, but few live up to the caliber of the real Elvis. Until now! Located at Saxe Theater, this is a show that highlights and appreciates some of the biggest names in Vegas entertainment, and Elvis is given all the love he ever wanted. Having won “Best resident show of 2012”, VEGAS! The Show is your best chance to experience all the flair of the King Himself in this one of a kind tribute, did we mention you can hear the Rat Pack go at it too?

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write by Cosima

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