Family Guy New Brian Joins the Family

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The moment we were all waiting for. The Peter the Dad comes in the room and says that he has something to say. Peter then apologizes to the White Dog, the original Brian for being so preoccupied lately with his age. Then the original Brian says hey look Peter look lets just forget about it. Then Peter says fantastic, and to help us forget about it, I’d like to introduce Family Guy New Brian. Then the Family Guy New Brian says Hey Guys, whose leg to you have to hump to get a hug around here. The entire family except the old White Dog Brian was laughing about this.

Old Brian says to Dad Peter you got a new Dog? Then Peter says yes sir. Then Old Brian says but I’m the Dog. Peter then says now that you’re getting older that Brian is here to take some of the load off. One of the other family members Chris asks if he could do tricks? Peter says you get, he’s trained to fetch, roll over and make you feel really good about yourself. Now Family Guy New Brian says wow Meg and Chris, I can’t decide which one of your hats I like better. Meg and Chris seemed happy about his statement to them.

But not the old Brian. He says again I can’t believe you got a new dog, what about me? Peter says you’re still my buddy. Family Guy New Brian is just another new friend for the family. Then Peter goes onto say trust me, you guys are gonna get along better than Lincoln and his neighbor. Then Abramam Lincoln pops out of the door and says hey, I noticed that your lawn is getting a little high. Then Dale says yes I use to have a guy for that. Then Abraham says okay, have a good one.

We watched another Family Guy New Brian where Stuart was chatting with him and pronounces cool whip in old english. We saw another one where Stuart gets supercharged after drinking a very sugary soda and and starts mimicking Old Brian. The fact is the new episodes might not steal attention from the Old Brian, we think they’ll actually put the spotlight on him more since it adds drama to the TV Show.

write by Joshua Olin

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