Download TV Shows – A Family Affair

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Last night was a slow night at home. We looked around for something to watch for about half an hour, bouncing from station to station in the wasteland that is our digital cable. Finally, I spotted an episode of The Red Green Show in our channel guide. Thrilled, I clicked on the station only to see the end credits. Such a scenario used to leave me very disappointed, but now I just download tv. I simply turn on my computer and download tv shows that I want to watch. Best of all, I can download television shows whenever I want, any time of the day or night.

I discovered the secret of tv downloads when I became pregnant last year. My husband and I would watch box sets of our favorite sitcoms at night. After a long day at work and driving home in my car, all I wanted to do after dinner was sit on the couch with him and relax. I would pick an episode for us to watch and then he would get to choose the next one. I watched his seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he would then watch some of my Sex and the City episodes. But soon, I found myself addicted to Buffy. When we would reach the end of a season, I would wait with bated breath until our next trip to the video store to find out how the next season would bounce back from the cliffhanger at the end of each DVD set. In order to have more to watch, we started buying used box sets from various websites, but sometimes they would arrive damaged or scratched. We certainly did not want to pay full price for them in a local store. So we discovered another method. We began to download tv programs.

It was great! The majesty of the tv show download let us get nearly any show we wanted at any time, which was perfect for those sleepless nights in the last trimester. Television downloads are never missing discs, we had no rentals to return and there were never any late fees. We did not even have to leave the comfort of our own home. We would sit around at night and recall shows we liked from years ago – like the comedy series The State that I loved in high school – and download them on a whim. It was a great way to share memories from the past with each other. We were even downloading tv show commercials as we reminisced together.

At the end of my pregnancy, my tv show downloads included the second season of House, M.D., which I saved on my laptop to bring with me to the hospital when I was ready to deliver my son. After a twenty hour labor, it was really nice to relax with my favorite doctor of them all. When the nurses asked my visitors to leave for the night and after they took my son down to the nursery to sleep, I had episodes of my favorite series to keep me company and help me unwind after one of the most stressful days I have ever known. I never imagined I could download a tv series so easily.

Because I had watched some of the episodes of House when they were televised and missed other ones, I used my tv download service to get the ones I had not yet watched. This was much more economical for me. I did not have to buy an entire season unless that was what I wanted to do. Instead, I had the freedom to download tv and choose the particular ones I wanted to watch.

Now that my son is five months old, downloading our favorite shows is a popular family bonding activity. We can get the newest hits for kids like Jack’s Big Music Show or Word World and we can also download shows that my husband and I liked as children, like The Muppet Show and Mr. Wizard’s World to share with our baby. It is really convenient to download tv shows for my son.

Tv series downloads give my family more quality time together. Whenever we’re bored, we download tv episodes. Now we never miss out on our favorite series, and we can share them with each other. Tv downloads have given us more time to spend together.

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