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There’s nothing quite like the feel of a super-soft and cozy fleece blanket in the midst of a cold winter night, and two layers of this comfy material is always better than one. If you’re looking for a great gift idea that can be personalized and will always come in handy, you may want to consider a double layer fleece photo blanket.

In addition to being able to choose virtually any photo you like to create a custom image on this type of blanket, you may decide to order either a large (50″ x 60″) or extra large (60″ x 80″) size to accommodate your recipient appropriately. In about two weeks, you’ll receive a blanket made of two layers of soft, polar tec fleece displaying an amazingly detailed photo of your choice on the front side. The dye sublimation process used to transfer your image creates a photographic result that is sure to impress your chosen recipient, and lasts forever.

The end result of using two layers of this amazing fabric is a thick and cozy blanket that provides the equivalent thickness and warmth of 22oz. fleece or a more traditional woven blanket. You’ll also have your choice of seven colors for the solid backside to cater to your recipient’s personal tastes.

If a specially-chosen photo simply won’t do for your personalization needs, consider adding text that may include a special message or date of meaning to your loved one. The edges of this soft and thick blanket are cover stitched to create a high-quality finished look that will fast become a favorite in the household.

Also know that more than one photo may be used to create a collage effect on your blanket, in the case that perhaps your recipient is a team coach, parent or best friend that would appreciate several different photos. No matter your personalization choices, this type of fleece photo blanket is one of the most unique and comfortable you could choose for that special someone or upcoming occasion.

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