Don’t Think You Have What it Takes?

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A couple or so weeks ago I was watching a movie, maybe one of the greatest movies of all time!

The Wizard of Oz!

Now if you can remember watching this as a child (by the way I was watching this with my daughter!) You should remember that this movie is based around a theme. (I know that a lot of movies are like this when you look deeper!)

But the theme of this movie in particular was based around four main characters, Dorothy,the lion man, the tin man & the scarecrow!

They all thought that they didn’t have what it took to get to where they needed to go in life!!

The lion man well what can you say he was more of a scaredy cat.

The tin man, he didn’t think he had a heart!

The scarecrow though he needed a brain!

And Dorothy, well Dorothy was lost and wanted to go home!

But, as the movie progresses you see the reason they all thought this way was that they were searching for this ‘something’ outside of themselves! Really what they should have been doing is searching within themselves!

How many of us think we can do something?

How many of us are searching for that something?

Why are we doing this ?

Why are we searching around us?

For a minute or so, I want you to stop, take action & search within. I guarantee you that what you are searching for is within!

When it really comes to it, we all have it. Its just finding it.

We think we know a lot more than we think we know, but sometimes in life we just need a little nudge in the right direction from a ‘wizard’ to remember it!

See you on the other side.

write by Drake

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