Does a Personal Air Purifier Work?

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We care too much, about our family’s well being that sometimes we do not spend much time for ourselves. If you’re a businessperson, you may spend a lot of your time traveling and you find yourself often confined in close areas such as the movie theater, subway, market, shopping mall, or the airplane. Studies show that people who are often restricted to public places are more susceptible to various kinds of diseases and infections. Therefore, it is smart to keep a personal air purifier handy to keep the alarming illnesses at bay. It’s a common knowledge that the air we breathe contains many airborne impurities such as germs, dust particles, pollen grains and poisonous gases, viruses, bacteria and other elements that are harmful especially to those who have allergic rhinitis or asthma.

When you are always on the move, you need a portable or personal air purifier that you could always bring with you anywhere you go. With this, no matter how heavily exposed, you are too many airborne impurities; you can avoid easily catching colds, flu or other illnesses. Either this lightweight innovative solution can be carried around placed on a desk or table, clip to your shirt or it can be worn around the user’s neck. Wearing it around your neck will help you immediately combat airborne impurities as they strike.

There are various types of personal air purifier to choose from. Most of them use an ionic technology to eliminate the harmful particulates. However, an ozone air purifier type is not advisable because directly inhaling ozone can be very detrimental to one’s health. For some, they utilize the latest technology of electronic plasma incineration, which is similar to a lightning strike, to destroy the pollutants.

Maintenance of your personal air purifier is not that complicated. Unlike other types of air cleaning devices, you just need to use normal AA batteries or a DC adapter support. Later models may have rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It is so simple, handy and easy to maintain that you should be thinking now of getting one for each of the member of the family so wherever you may go or they would go, you will feel assured that they are protected from many harmful airborne pollutants.

write by Rachel Sosa

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