Distance Healing With Reiki

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As a little boy, I was greatly moved by the story of Prometheus, the Greek God, who defied heavenly laws to bring light and fire to mankind. I was amazed at the compassion the prompted him to court suffering for the sake of others. I would feel very sad that he was eternally bound over for this great act of compassion.

I have wept many silent tears for him. When I first learnt Reiki and began practicing I felt as if Prometheus had handed over a special gift of light to me personally-a light so soft, gentle, compassionate and healing that I am constantly moved by its beauty and grace!

Reiki is a compassionate energy. It flows from source to destination in an involuntary, uninterrupted wave. It is faster than human thought and is innately intelligent. There are no obstacles that can retard the flow of the energy. An expressed wish for Reiki is all that it demands and once that exists the person is immediately enveloped in the warmth of the healing energy.

Distance healing in Reiki is based on the principle that Reiki transcends all limitations of time and place. Unlike Prometheus, Reiki cannot be bound even by the Gods. Reiki can be transmitted to a person living in Mars or Jupiter or you can send Reiki to a situation that you anticipate will happen in the future. Often healers use proxies provide themselves with points of reference for the different chakras. They may use the photograph of the person, a teddy bear or even their own Knees and upper thighs to position their hands over the chakras of the absent person. If they are doing Reiki to a situation, they may project the situation in their minds eye or visualize it in front of them and do Reiki to it. Yet others make affirmations on pieces of paper, which they place in a Reiki box and send energy to the affirmation. This kind of distance healing is made possible by invoking appropriate distance healing Reiki symbols.

Case Study

Ms NS lives all alone in a large City. She had never married and did not have any relatives who could live with her and care for her. Her friends have all passed over. She is 87 years old and did not want to go into an old age home and is vehement about maintaining her independence. She spends her time assisting the local church in its social activities. She visits the parks in the evening and spends the time watching the children at play. She has no friends and hates visitors of any kind. It is as if she has closed the doors on all human contact other than those she chooses to indulge in. She has an income that has allowed her to lead a leisurely life and an apartment to call her own. She has a daily help who does her cooking and cleaning for her.

Everything was fine so long as her health was good. The day she fell ill, she lost confidence in herself and became very depressed. For the first time she became aware of an intense need for companionship. She realized that she had alienated herself from her relatives over the years and she could not recall even one person who would come to her aid in times of need. She lay in bed worrying about little things that she would normally have taken in her stride. She could not eat or sleep and was constantly vomiting and purging herself. She was in constant pain and she could feel her condition worsening day by day. The Doctor, who came in to attend on her, suggested that she go to the hospital for treatment. Ms.NS could not bear the thought and refused to even entertain it. She even repelled his suggestion that she should go into hospital for taking some of the required tests. She insisted on him treating her ailment at home. She informed him that she had never been ill and this discomfort she is experiencing could not be anything very worrisome. However, the Doctor was worried. He could feel a bulging growth in her abdomen and he wanted the tests done for confirming or negating his suspicions. After a lot of threats and persuasion Ms. NS agreed to go into the clinic for the tests. The tests were positive. A tumor clearly showed up in the scans. Though the tumor was not cancerous, it was large and growing and it would give her considerable pain if it was not removed immediately. An operation to remove the tumor was recommended. Ms.NS was shattered. She tried to push away the reality of her illness and rapidly descended into maudlin self pity. She would sit for hours in her chair dazed and uncomprehending. She would refuse to see visitors and would allow the Doctor in after a lot of argument. A Nurse, who was assigned the task of persuading Ms.NS to undertake the operation, was an advocate of Reiki. She suggested that Ms.NS should be coaxed into having a Reiki treatment first. Maybe it would help her accept the situation better and get her to agree to an operation. The Doctor was not very happy with the situation, but agreed to talk to Ms.NS about it.

Ms NS was hoping and praying for a miracle and their description of Reiki gave her a feeling that it was some kind of magic that would help her avoid an operation. It would also help her postpone the need to take a decision about going into the hospital for the operation. She also liked the idea as she did not have to go out to the clinic to undertake the treatment. She had only to lie down in her home at a specified time and relax. She was doing that all the time anyway. A Reiki practitioner was located by the Nurse. A 21 day one hour session daily was agreed to and considering the recalcitrant nature of the patient distance Reiki treatment was recommended. The practitioner decided to use a teddy bear as a proxy for the patient.

Day one: Ms.NS was very excited about the magic that was going to be performed on her. She promptly went to lie down at the specified time. Ms.NS felt a slight tingling warmth in her body as the treatment began. She savored the feeling wonderingly. Gradually her muscles began to relax and she slipped into deep sleep. She woke up after two hours feeling relaxed and strangely peaceful. She was not very sure whether the ‘magic’ was working or she was just imagining it. Anyway she had slept peacefully after a long time.

Day two to four: Ms.NS found the one hour specified very soothing and she was eager that the magic should work. During the treatment the warmth seemed to be intense in some parts and not in others. While describing the sensation she said the warmth began at her feet and traveled up her body till it reached her head. She could immediately sense that the treatment had begun as the warmth seemed to be associated with the treatment. Later the practitioner confirmed that she had the habit of starting her Reiki treatment from the soles of the feet contrary to the normal practice of beginning with the ears and head.

On day four, the practitioner was held up by another patient and was fifteen minutes late in starting the treatment. She was planning to ring up Ms NS and inform her that she had been delayed and to apologize for the same, when the phone rang. She was surprised to receive a call from Ms.NS demanding why she had not started the treatment in time!

Day five to ten: Ms.NS was very comfortable. She was feeling more positive towards life and had recovered from her lethargy. The painful cramps in the stomach had also considerably reduced and she had even begun to feel hungry. She was now eating two meals a day and keeping it down. She could take active interest in all that was happening around her. She even spent some time talking to her maid about her family. She read the papers and even watched TV for sometime. On the tenth day she ventured for a short walk to the park and helped a little girl dress her doll. She was absolutely certain that Reiki was magic and it had brought her new friends and relationships along with health.

Day eleven to twenty one: Ms.NS was gradually recovering her strength. She faithfully adhered to her Reiki treatment and informed the Priest at the local church that she was having “treatment by magic” and she was feeling great. She was convinced that the magic had removed her tumor and she would not require an operation. She donated lavishly for the local blind school and spent time with the children there. She felt so good that she wanted to resume her normal routine, but the Doctor advised her against it. He insisted that she should resume normal activities only after she has had her operation. Ms.NS called him a fool and refused to believe that she had a tumor in her stomach. She told him that the “magic” had rid her off the tumor and she would have no operation done on her for a non existent problem. In despair the Doctor called in a colleague for another opinion. The second Doctor examined the test results and concurred with the diagnosis. He wanted to examine the patient before he gave the final verdict. When he saw Ms NS, he could not believe that it was the same person whose results he had seen. He began to doubt the results and suggested that another set of tests be carried out to confirm the correctness of the results. Ms.NS became stubborn and refused to come in for the tests. However, the second doctor intrigued her by remarking that the tests were being done to prove that the magic had worked. She thought about it for some time and then agreed for the tests. All tests proved negative. The tumor that was clearly visible in the scans of the first test was no longer present in the second set.

Ms NS has not learnt Reiki. She tells everyone she meets that she was cured by a Witch Doctor. This is not the case with the Doctor. He feels humbled and acknowledges in the spirit of Hamlet that there a many things in the heaven and earth that he knows nothing about. He has enrolled himself for the first degree course in Reiki and recommends it as a supplementary treatment to all his patients. His friend still holds the belief that the first tests had been mysteriously wrong in diagnosis and that Ms.NS had probably never had tumor. However, he is willing to wait and watch the impact of Reiki on his friend’s patients and even recommends some of his terminal patients for Reiki in the spirit of experimentation.

Reiki is an energy that flows towards those who are ready and willing to receive it. When a patient downs his defenses and demands a cure, he opens himself to receiving and benefiting by Reiki energy. Ms. NS for reasons of her own was completely open and receptive. She was completely conscious of the impact of the energy flow in her body and unconsciously became a container that captured and retained the energy in her body. It helped remove the negativity in her life and the tumor that had manifested as a physical evidence of her negative reactions to life. Reiki clearly requires both the healer and the person being healed to give and receive the energy unquestioningly.

write by thompson

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