Date Hot Women – 7 Steps to Help a Regular Guy Date Hot Women

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If you’ve always wanted to date hot women but have been too shy or too embarrassed to ask the hot girls out, don’t worry you’re not alone. Millions of men share the same struggle as you. However, this article will give you 7 steps on how to date hot women. I hope you find this helpful.

Step 1

Look sharp and keep yourself in good physical condition. Think about it. How many fat sloppy looking men date hot women? Not many, and unless you’re a rock star or a movie star it won’t happen for you either. So pick up the latest copies of GQ Magazine and Men’s Health and do some reading.

Step 2

Be confident around hot women and approach them with confidence. Women aren’t going to date you just because of your money or what kind of car you drive. Most of them don’t care about that anyway. However, if a man exuberates confidence in himself and his approach, then you’ve really scored some points. Women love men who are confident in themselves, it makes them feel secure in some way and it turns them on.

Step 3

After your approach, talk to her about yourself a little and ask her a lot of questions about her. Hot women aren’t as wrapped up in themselves as many people think. They are just ordinary girls just like the rest of them. So don’t be afraid to talk about yourself a little, odds are she’ll want to hear about you anyway.

Step 4

Keep in mind that hot women don’t get asked out as much as average women. It’s true. Most men are afraid to ask a hot woman out on a date, so they don’t get asked out as often. Now that you’ve approached her and talked to her a little while, ask her out. Make sure to make it a simple date, somewhere you can talk to her without a lot of distractions. Don’t try to be a baller and spend a lot of money, that won’t impress her anyway. You can meet at the park, go out for coffee or go to a state park and walk a nature trail. Keep it simple.

Step 5

Reject rejection. No, I don’t mean if she says “no” to keep pressuring her. What I mean is, if she says “no” don’t worry about it. Move on to the next hot woman. Think of it this way. If you’re asking her out on a date for Friday night and she says “no”. Well, nothing changed. You had no date for Friday night before you asked her, and you have no date for Friday night after you asked her. So NOTHING changed. Don’t worry about it and just go to the next hot woman.

Step 6

When you are on your date, be yourself. Don’t try to impress her with money or what kind of job you have. Have you ever heard the phrase “be true to thine self”? Well it’s true. Just be YOU. She’ll love you for it later.

Step 7

Finally, dress sharp for your date. Even if she’s only wearing jeans and a sweater. Dress to impress. Go out and buy a new outfit for your date. Even if you’re just going out for coffee. You can try wearing an expensive suite (no tie with the collar open) or some nice pants an expensive dress shirt. Don’t forget the shoes. Women pay attention to shoes. Buy some really good cologne and put it on your neck and wrists. Hot women love a man who looks sharp and smells great. So even if your attitude isn’t the greatest, she’ll forgive you because you LOOK fabulous.

Remember to have fun when you’re trying to date hot women. Don’t worry about the small stuff. The date will go just fine, and if it doesn’t just chalk it up as a learning experience. Besides, think about how jealous your friends will be when they see you with hot women and they’re stuck with ordinary girls.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself to learn new dating tips. Do some reading on the subject and take action. You just might be dating that hot woman this weekend if you play your cards right.

write by Ceridwen

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