Daniel X – Watch the Skies by James Patterson – Book Review

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James Patterson, the best-selling author of the Maximum Ride series comes back with a fresh new installment, Daniel X: Watch the Skies. While James Patterson has received both praises and criticisms for his works, one thing still remains; he remains to capture the emotions of his readers with his books.

Daniel X comes back with a new adventure, mystery, and all the action we can expect with James Patterson. The plot involves an outlaw, a made-for TV movie production, and an all-star team lead by Daniel X to stop whatever chaos that’s been plotted by the outlaw.

For young adults, the book is perfect for their adventurous and imaginative minds. It gives them a sense of heroism, and encourages them to stand up to people who need help. For adults, it’s a so-so book that you can tolerate to read while waiting in an airport or just killing time somewhere on the beach or on the porch. Personally, I like the whole theme of adventure/superhero vibe, but I think the plot is somewhat lacking of something.

Nonetheless, as I’ve said, one thing that’s commendable about James Patterson is that he continues to capture the interest of his readers, or at least the majority of them. It’s amazing how he can weave something that he knows his targeted audience would love. It’s one of the reasons why he’s a best-selling and award-winning author, I know.

Am I looking forward for the release of Daniel X: Watch the Skies in July? Maybe. Am I confident that it’s going to be a big hit? No. But one thing I’m certain is that James Patterson surely will move his readers again because the best thing he does is communicate with them through his novels.

write by Briston Blair

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