Cute Baby Names: The Search For The Cutest!

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Is there such a thing as a baby name that isn’t cute? Unfortunately there is. I don’t know who picks them, but there are some names that just don’t seem to jump to mind when you associate them with the name “baby”.

I look for a lot in a baby name. It can not rhyme with something that could be used for ridicule. It should not be too long or two short, and relatively easy to spell. And last but not least, it needs to be cute!

We are expecting our third child soon, and as always, the whole name thing is a subject which is certainly up for debate. Sure, we could have a Matthew, or a Sally, but we really want something that is going to be cute, but yet also not encourage being made fun of.

You know the type of name I am talking about? The kind that where you say the name, you immediately think “awwww”.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I hope you will take the time to think about what is important to you when naming your baby. This is an individual that you helped create, that you brought into this world. Their name is one of the gifts that you will give them, and be their identify through life.

So grab some books, grab some coffee, and start researching! As you come across names you like, write them down. Once you have the list narrowed down, try pretending to talk to your child, and see how the name feels.

And don’t stress too much about it, because you cannot mess this up! Your baby will be the most important person in the world, I guarantee it!

write by Jason

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