Create an Olympic Antenna Head for Your Party Crafts

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Hosting and Olympics party is an event that only comes along once every four years, so you’ve got to make it great! When the guests and the kids get kind of bored watching all of the Olympic events on television you can distract them with these patriotic antenna heads. This is an excellent craft item that guests can make to show their support of team USA! Though you can make the Antenna Heads using the colors of any country.

Olympic Antenna Head

For this fun Olympic craft item you’ll need the following supplies; small straw hat, 2 inches Styrofoam ball, 12 mm googly eye buttons, acrylic paints in several colors, spray matte finish sealer, fake hair, and ribbon.

Start your Olympic Antenna Head by painting the 2 inch straw hat in your choice of patriotic designs. A good idea is red and white concentric strips going around the brim of the hat, with a blue background on the bowl of the hat. You can also paint the five rings of the Olympics on the blue bowl or just add some white stars for the American flag. Let the hat dry.

Next you’ll want to paint the Styrofoam ball in a flesh tone. Let the ball dry and paint on some lips in lovely red shades. Spray the painted hat and Styrofoam ball face with a matte finish sealer to help protect it from the weather. Let the sealer dry in a well ventilated area.

Use a strong craft glue to attach the hair on top of the ball. Then you’ll glue on the straw hat. Finally, glue on the eye buttons for the finished face of your Olympic Antenna Head. The guests just need to let the glue dry and then they can run straight out and attach their Olympic antenna heads to their car radio antennas.

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