Create a Stylish & Comfortable Guest Bedroom

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It’s easier than you think to create a comfortably beautiful bedroom for overnight guests that will make them feel welcome and pampered. And it doesn’t have cost a fortune, either. A few affordable changes can take guest room from Spartan to sumptuous.

Relax with Color

A stark white room with no amenities, color or style is about as welcoming as a squash court. Transform the space with calming color that invites relaxation and restful sleep. Cool pastels like pale ocean blue, light sage green or delicate lavender provide a soothing backdrop for deeper shades and contrasting tones and textures in window treatment and bedding choices. Patterns with graceful curves are more restful than bold geometrics.

Comfortable Chic Bedding & Accessories

A patterned comforter that accents the wall colors in soothing paisley or an abstract curvilinear design is a good starting point. Choose a soothing pattern that is not too busy or imposing. Add contrast and texture with a variety of throw pillows arranged at the head of the bed; mix patterns, textures and solid colors for depth and impact. Of course it’s essential that you choose high-thread count sheets, a comfy blanket and fresh fluffy pillows to keep your guest snug and warm. Keep in mind that high-quality bedding for a guest room will last for a long time since it is only used on occasion; so it is a gracious investment well worth the price.

Add a Stylish Ceiling Fan Light Fixture

Replace an ordinary overhead fixture with a ceiling fan. With so many styles available you will find a perfect accent to the room’s decor. Pay attention to detail by adding a stylish pull or dramatic woven tassel. A ceiling fan is a welcome addition for many guests, providing a way to circulate the air, and keep the room cool and fresh.

Practical and Stylish Window Treatments

Make a guest more comfortable by providing window treatments with style and function. A guest will want privacy, especially after dark when interior lights are on; a first layer can be provided installing a fashionable flat folding shade in a texture woven finish or appealing tortoise style slats. Add side panels in coordinating textured or patterned fabric from a café style rod hung above the window with enough length to allow the fabric to puddle on the floor. Let the panels simply hang straight from the rod, creating an opulent modern look. Cafe rods with glass or wrought iron finials can be found in a wide array of styles, colors and prices. Don’t overlook discount stores for window treatment accessories that add great style at an affordable price.

Accessories Provide the Finishing Touch

The right wall decor will add the final touches to a guest room. Metal wall art and wall sculpture, framed paintings and high-quality prints, wrought iron wall decor, framed mirrors and wall clocks, and stretch canvas wall art are a few items that you can find online and at retail stores. Or go with a vintage look and shop for wall art, from dishes to wall shelves, paintings and prints, and add comfortable cottage flavor to the guest room. Add a dish of potpourri to a side table, a grouping of candles on a dresser or in candle wall sconces and provide a basket full of toiletries and treats – your pampered guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

write by Phelan

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