Collecting and Displaying Your Vintage Movie Posters

If you are looking for a good decoration for your home cinema room, classic movie posters are highly recommended as it adds cinematic magic to the room. An advanced home movie system with decorative classic movie posters is a beautiful combination. You can find a lot of movie posters that were actually used as promotional posters for classic movies. Some online memorabilia stores even sell them with signatures of actors of the old generation which makes the price really expensive. These classic movie posters with signatures are considered expensive collectors’ items. In my experience, I found an old poster of James Dean with his signature! My grandma has been keeping it for years. I asked an expert collector about this item and he confirmed that this piece of souvenir will rake in thousands of dollars if I sold it.

Take care of your posters as the nicest ones you can find in memorabilia shops are very limited and some are original promotional goodies and not just reprinted ones. But if you can’t afford to buy a classic movie poster, you can have some old movie images printed at your local printing store. Next step is to take care of your movie treasures. Do not just use double-sided tapes. It would be best if you frame it and mount it. You can also ask a local carpenter to make a light box for your poster which will create this elegant effect and cinematic feeling when the main lights are turned off.

Framing your posters will protect it from dust and from everyday wear-and-tear. You can have your posters’ light boxes customized. Some do-it-yourself shops have easy to install step-by-step light boxes. Light boxes are used to illuminate the poster from behind, giving it a more cinematic appeal. You can also use a small spot light for every framed poster you have mounted on the wall. You can check for some standard sizes of the various film posters on the internet.

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