Cheap Mexico Real Estate in Playa Del Carmen Gated Community

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Imagine living with your family in Playa del Carmen’s original private, gated community, only 5 minutes away from downtown, the cafes and shops of Fifth Avenue and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Of course, you’ll be asking “How much?” While the community is not usually associated with cheap Mexico real estate, this luxury lifestyle is well within reach of average budget, at only $125,000.

Playacar, located directly next to downtown Playa del Carmen, is an upscale gated community. The community is safe in all aspects, whether taking a walk with the kids, or going on a relaxing bike ride. Playacar is also very private, with only minimal traffic,and without the noise of many urban neighborhoods.

Playacar’s atmosphere is defined by tree-lined roads, elegant homes, and relaxed residents. Adding to the high level of safety, the visual appeal of the community adds an element of relaxation to the lifestyle. A bike trail, shaded by tall trees, following Playacar’s main roads makes relaxing bike rides, or a trip downtown or to the beach a pleasure. While the community is free of the hustle and bustle of large commercial areas, there are a few small stores, restaurants and cafes within a convenient walking distance.

At the center of the community is the Playacar golf course, a short walk away from just about any part of the community. Living in Playacar is a golf lover’s dream; besides convenient access to golf just about any time you like, several other world-class golf courses, including a PGA course, are within a half hour drive. The area surrounding Playa del Carmen has been called Latin America’s golf capital.

The fact that Playacar is right next downtown Playa del Carmen means that residents can enjoy very quick access to both the shops, international dining, live music, bars, and cafes of Fifth Avenue, as well as the city’s well-loved downtown beaches, which are very wide, with soft, white sand and turquoise water.

While living in Playacar is often considered a luxury for the rich, there excellent condominium units available for very accessible prices. One such condo is an urgent sale from a seller whose family outgrew the two bedroom unit, has already relocated and needs to sell soon. The has been very well maintained, and the current owner has invested considerable funds into custom closets, counter tops, etc. The price of $125,000 is perhaps the best priced unit available in Playacar. Other nearby Playa del Carmen condos which are not as well maintained are priced at $138,000, still a very fair price for living in this community.

This particular condo is near the west entrance, just around the corner from a Sam’s Club and a new shopping mall with several large stores and a large-screen movie theater.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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