CGI Animation Using 3D Software

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We all love to watch and laugh at the high jinks of animation movies. Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-curtains and leave us blown away. They are created with the 3G Animation software. The use of Computer Generated Imagery in commercial media, have led to increasing success of its development and popularity. The CGI software has been improved during the past few decades.

3G animations have gained a lot of popularity over 2G which uses programs such as Flash. Recently new software like 3D studio Max or 3Dsmax for short have been released by Autodesk which is very user friendly. So if you are starter, you may have better luck with this program. Autodesk is a huge company in the 3Dworld and famous for their video games.

The biggest challenger of 3Dsmax,Maya, is also a creation of Autodesk, is mainly targeted towards advanced 3D user. They are designed with much more animation capabilities with a lot more advancement in techniques. Mos of the animation movies you see in theater are the magics of Maya 3d animator.

Cheaper than most of the other animation methods,for new learners the better option is a freeware software called Blender 3D with constant updation of latest techniques used in animation. Most of the beginners opt Blender than the expensive 3D soft-wares available.

So there you have it, to create your own 3D images and characters to have fun with.more over companies are investing in these types o software too create 3d magics.

Want to learn more and get updated. You can through the CGI Animation for more information regarding 3D animation techniques.

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