Celebrity Weight Loss – What’s the Real Scoop?

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In the world of celebrity news, celebrities want to be big, big everywhere, except in physical size. The topic of celebrity weight loss and who has a great looking body is often a bigger discussion than who is dating who or who is making a new movie. Body watching is popular sport of its own.

And why not, we are a health conscious nation, wishing to stay fit and look our best. Following the diet and exercise trends of stars can help us learn new ideas for our own shape up plans. Most of us don’t have access to exclusive gym memberships or personal trainers, so peep into the life of the ones who do. Learn their tops secrets, see what they are dining on and find out which weight supplements helped which stars shed the most weight.

So how to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood keep trim? What you will find in their kitchens might surprise you. Reese Witherspoon babies her self, literally. By choosing jars of baby food, Reese always has a small caloric snack that is both nutritionally sound and tasty. Before you rule this idea out, remember today’s baby food is offered in organic, as well and tons of fun food choices. Little jars of fruit, to tiny packed meals on the go just might be a great idea for busy people who tend to eat on the run. Pretty actress and busy Mom to twins, Marcia Cross keeps a blend of bananas and strawberries in the kitchen for a quick snack. A sweet treat with out reaching for candy, this yummy delight is just right for sharing with her little girls.

Maybe it’s not so much what you eat, as what you don’t eat. Ashley Judd leaves the dairy to the cows. Ashley, who eats no dairy products, chooses non dairy milks when she grabs a bowl of cereal. The Oprah show introduced us to the health benefits of the acia berry, and the idea of avoiding carbs saying no to bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Jennifer Lopez says yes to cardio work outs and weight resistance training while saying no to all alcohol drinks. If saying no to food is not for you, then choose your foods with care. Substitute high calorie foods and sugar laden foods for fruit and vegetables. Take a cooking idea from the kitchen of Christie Brinkley.

When she needs a snack, she chooses sweet potatoes, cut into pieces, bakes them with a touch of olive oil. When fully cooked, dips them into some light mayonnaise. Angelia Jolie chooses to dine on a strict protein-rich diet of lean meats and fish. Her beverage of choice is lots and lots of water. Speaking of water, Ashley Judd may say no to milk, but she says yes to starting each day with a cup of hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice to get her metabolism going. Some diet experts say add a little cayenne pepper to really kick start the day.

Another daring and unique trick comes to us from the beautiful Mom, model, television reality show host, designer, producer and more, Heidi Klum. In her quest to loose 30 pounds after a recent pregnancy, Heidi took up photography, with a twist. She took weekly photos of herself in the buff. This gave Heidi a real way to keep track as she shed pounds, of the way her body was changing. A great tip if you dare, make sure to keep your photos locked away in a safe place.

Country singing sensation Carrie Underwood chooses a diary rather than photos to help her control the pounds. Along with her healthy work out style of 30 minutes cadio and weights, Carrie keeps a food journal. By keeping a food diary, she is able to monitor her low calorie eating. Carry tends to be well behaved in controlling the calories during the day, but will binge at night. By looking back at what she consumed during the day, Carrie has a clear idea of just how much of a binge she can have late in the day. Yes, like Carrie, better write down what you drink as well.

It’s so nice to know that celebrities and stars really do have the same issues we all do with diet, exercise and healthy living. By following some of the most well known people, we can look at how they manage careers and body image. Getting the skinny on the stars can help us make plans for our routines, while reminding us; everyone has to work at being healthy and in shape.

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