Boycotting Women

The beauty of being a woman today is being able to think for self. Unfortunately, some women are threatened by this right of being and make a point to discourage other women from exercising this personal freedom.

Recently I received an email asking for my support to ban a certain XXX actress from performing in Houston because (the emailer’s reasoning not mine) this woman and women like her were convoluting the message, “women can work any job” and for encouraging sex crimes by permitting themselves to be seen as sex objects. As to the first argument of the emailer, isn’t this what women have been demanding all along, to be able to work where they have a interest and ability?

I scatched my head in astonishment to the comments expressed by this woman thinking she can make life decisions for other women so as to prevent them from making choices she don’t approve.

I call it hypocrisy because women have been saying for a long time (a century and a half to be exact) they are capable of working in any field of employment. However when they do and it don’t fit into some guideline of what others believe are acceptable professions a annoying hissing begins.

Personally I wouldn’t want to earn my living undressing on or off camera, but that’s how I feel. I’m not yeaing or naying “adult” professions, they are legal and women have the right to choose them without harassment from other women if they so desire.

The statement strippers and XXX actresses are the reason pedophilia and rapes occur is pardoning the predators. Besides, blaming these women for crimes that have their orgins in antiquity, a time before Gentleman’s clubs and peep shows, is highly unfair . We can’t allow misguided beings who viciously violate others to evade being held accountable for their actions just so we can badger women holding undesirable jobs.

The emailer stated that we, meaning the community at large, must boycott this adult performer and others like her to save future generations of women from being exposed to their destructive messages. Funny, this same woman don’t seem to recognize those same destructive messages are being promoted each hour of the day on the radio, television, and yes within mainstream movies. I didn’t hear this woman pledging to boycott Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone) or Monster’s Ball (Halle Berry), when they rolled into local movie theaters. Do you wonder why?

I’ll tell you why. Quite possibly this woman may have it in her mind if the nudity and explicit sex acts are sanctioned by MGM or Sony Pictures the end product would be acceptable, which could be another hypocrisy point. If she wanted to be consistent with her argument why didn’t she seek to ban all tv shows,movies and videos that expose young women to wanton sex acts and misleading messages? She wouldn’t because that would be considered ludicrous by the masses.

Inspite of any criticism I may have of her intentions I know deep down she means well but there are holes in her logic. If the argument for boycotting is, “this stripper (and women like her) allow themselves to be seen as sex objects”, then I ask what’s the difference between Halle being nude and sexually provocative for Sony Pictures and Ginger stripping for Pimps Gentleman’s Club on the shady side of town? Personally, I don’t see a difference between the two examples. Young women today are overwhelmed with sexual messages and hardly any daily dosages of positive images of womanhood (women who are emotionally and spiritually strong).


Do we really have the power to keep someone from lusting after another (seeing them as a sex object)? The answer is no!

My suggestions to this woman are, make a difference with the next generation of women by living as a example, permitting younger women to see her confidence exuding from her person. Secondly, she should make a point to explain to those young females how important it is to respect their bodies but not be summed up by them, after all they have more to offer this world than just external beauty. Thirdly, she should allow other women the right to make their on roads through life, doesn’t matter if she feels those roads are morally unsound or not, allow women to choose for themselves.

In a nutshell, boycotting women for taking advanatage of their God-given right, to think for themselves is not the answer. Again, it doesn’t matter if their choices appear to be poor ones, the mere fact they have the ability and right to think for themselves should be respected. Motivating women to acknowledge and cherish every aspect of who they are, emotionally, spiritually, and yes physically will leave a wonderfully undeniable legacy for the next generation of women.

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