Book Review – John Eldredge "Walking With God"

I was one who felt like I arrived to life “20 minutes late”. John Eldredge talks about people like me in his original work with Brent Curtis… “The Sacred Romance”. Maybe you’ve felt that way too. You know, like when you show up for a movie and you know there’s a fair share of action and adventure, but you don’t quite know exactly what the storyline is. I became a fan of Eldredge the day I first picked up that book and I’ve remained a fan throughout the release of “The Journey of Desire”, “Wild at Heart” and others.

Now he has released his next installment, “Walking with God”. A departure from his previous style of laying a foundation and building upon the principles. In his latest book, John takes a beautiful stab at raw transparency. As he opens his personal journals we learn what it means for John to walk one year with God. He holds little back as he shares with us some personal struggles and a pursuit to listen to the “still small voice” of God.

If you find spiritual warfare to be uncomfortable, you may not like this book. John shares his experience and journey through praying intentional prayers against the enemy and his forces. Some of those stories were a little much for me, but the overall content was excellent.

Since I finished this book, I have a totally new perspective on listening to and actually hearing the voice of God as He directs us in every aspect of our daily lives. I highly recommend a read through this book!

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